I am a first time customer of American Home Shield. My active contract date is 6/2019.

My first service request began on 6/19 and 30 plus days later, my refrigerator has not been repaired. The first repair company selected by American Home Shield, scheduled an appointment with me immediately. The day of the appointment, the technician canceled because they did not service Bosch appliances. I did receive an immediate followup call from American Home Shield, in which I inquired about their selection process of technicians.

When requesting a repair service with American Home Shield you are specifically asked what brand of appliances you have. This obviously was not taken into account when scheduling my service repair. The customer service representative at American Home Shield could not provide an answer as to why this company/technician was selected.

American Home Shield immediately transfered my service request to a new company/Technician, Appliance 911/ Robert Carrasco. With the new information provided by American Home Shield, I reached out to schedule an appointment with Robert Carrasco and was scheduled for 2 days out, 6/21.

Unfortunately, American Home Shield had not transfered all of my appliances on the service request, only the refrigerator. I then had to contact American Home Shield to have all appliances on my request (refrigerator, washing machine & dryer) transferred to Appliance 911.

The newly selected technician, Appliance 911/Robert Carrasco diagnosed the refrigerator, washing machine & dryer on 6/21. He explained the diagnosis would be provided to American Home Shield and the necessary parts would be approved and ordered from American Home Shield. They would in turn send the parts to him and he would schedule an appointment to return and fix the refrigerator.

The parts are usually estimated at 3-5 days and then the scheduled appointment.

On July 4, 10 business days after the initial diagnosis, I received a call to schedule a return appointment by Robert Carrasco, he left a message. I returned his call on Friday, July 5; Monday, July 8; Tuesday, July 9and Wednesday, July 10, before receiving a returned phone call. We scheduled the 2nd repair vist for Friday, July 12. On July 12th Appliance 911 repaired a portion of the refrigerator because the main part was forgotten.

The washing machine and dryer were reevaluated and no conclusion could be drawn. 24 days after my initial service request, my refrigerator, washing machine and dryer had not been fixed.

On 7/17, 4 business days after Appliance 911 serviced my appliances for the second time, I called American Home Shield to inquire about when the missing compressor part for the refrigerator had been ordered. According to their notes that the technician is required to provide, it had not been ordered. Mary at American Home Shield called Appliance 911 while I remained on hold.

Robert Carrasco indicated that it had already been ordered. Mary stated that he would provide the notes from the 7/12 repair and the updated information on the ordered part. They would look at expediting the part if possible. Also we discussed my option to esculate my concern with the technician, Robert Carrasco.

On 7/23, 8 business days without receiving communication/ update from Appliance 911.

I called American Home Shield and spoke with Kat. After reviewing my concerns, she contacted Appliance 911, once again and Robert indicated the part had been ordered but could not provide the order date. Once more finding that no notes indicated an ordered part with American Home Shield, I requested to speak with a manager or supervisor to discuss my options as I no loner was satisfied with the services of Robert Carrasco from Appliance 911. I waited for 1 hour and 15 min but unfortunately, all Kat could recite from her script was that all managers and supervisors were assisting other calls.

At this point her only option was to send an email to her supervisor and they would forward my complaint to Customer Relations, which would intern research my complaint and respond to me within 24-48 hours.

On 7/26, 3 days after my complaint to Customer Relations at American Home Shield and 11 business days since receiving any communication from Appliance 911, I contacted American Home Shield again. I followed up with Ian, who reached out to Appliance 911 with no response. He then proceeded to send an additional email to the Customer Relations Department requesting they reach out to me by end of day, but they did not.

To date, 40 days after my initial request for service, I do not have a fixed refrigerator and i still have concerns about my washing machine and dryer. I am disappointed with American Home Shield as this is their selected contractor and his service/communication is below average quality and unacceptable.

I am disappointed that I can not get my concerns and complaints addressed and I am perplexed that you can not contact any other department besides the Customer Service, which has no authority to assist you with complaints.

I do not wish to have Appliance 911, Robert Carrasco continue working on my appliances. He has no understanding of quality customer service and has not shown professionalism in his work quality.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: I want another company/ appliance technician sent immediately to complete the service..

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