February 23rd 2019 electrical problems they refuse to repair

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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See the complaint just before this one. It is referencing a faucet repair that is taking longer than the customer would like.

A claim denial would have been better, so that the customer would not feel that the service sucks. He or she would be ready to move on and fix it themselves or hire their own plumber. A denia is actually better for the customer and the contractor.

A denial would free them both up to pursue other options. There is less badmouthing of the contractor when the claim is totally denied.


Did they deny your claim, for being “not normal wear and tear” or “power surge”? Contractors are required to tell AHS what they think caused the failure, and when the reason is one of these 2, the claim will likely be denied.

Denials help the contractor in several ways. First, they only get paid the service fee no matter what work is done on each claim (the contractor can’t charge AHS more than the service fee for even major repairs), so a denial means he gets to finish the ticket without losing money. Second, it helps to speed up the turnaround time, which is something AHS grades contractors on. Third, there are no parts to order, and since the contractor has to provide those for free without reimbursement, a denial protects them from the loss.

Fourth, when parts are ordered on covered claims, many customer complaints begin because of the lengthy timeframe it takes to finish the repair. Denials generate fewer complaints than repairs, believe it or not. Fifth, a denial releases the contractor from doing the work for free, but opens up the possibility of getting to charge the customer for the job on a retail basis. However, as you probably agree, most customers are so angry with both the contractor and AHS at.

This point, that they don’t even want a quote from the AHS contractor. And after checking out all the bad reviews, which are The result of working for home warranty companies, customers are NEVER going to leave positive reviews, the denied customer in need of repair will likely look elsewhere for help. So denial of claims HELPS the contractor in many ways.

They HURT the contractor in that they get bad reviews and don’t make a sale, but I’m home warranty work, there is no such thing as sales, anyway. It’s slavery

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