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4 months before repaired or replaced refrigerator and 2-3 weeks before repair of air conditioner or furnace. Repaired the furnace, and now it is making a sound like a revved up motorcycle. If we want to stay cool, we have to put up with the noise.

User's recommendation: read the fine print.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: My 30 yo furnace is dead, replace it and stop trying to create a new furnace piece by piece.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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I went 11 months without the heat pump in my home. got it serviced over a dozen times.

The servicing company told me they would NEVER say they could not fix it because that is what they got paid for, even though somtimes they would fix it and it would not be working again by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, in winter I am waking up to 56* in the house in the morning, in the summer the AC runs all day and I have $550 electric bills. AMS FINALLY replaced the unit after I insisted on a different service company or legal action, but I figure I paid for it through many months of $500 plus electric bills.

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