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I am almost speechless and shocked that American Home Shields can still be in business. The entire company does not care about their customers.

There is no total customer satisfaction in this company. Once they got your money, you won't hear from the contractor nor the AHS people care! I have been calling the contractor they have assigned me to for 48 hours still counting, left tons of voice mail, etc. No one calls back.

When you finally got hold of someone, they were very quick to hang up on you. You don't feel like you can even voice your opinion. Afterwards, I requested them to switch to another company, I was allowed. I was told that I have to pay another $125 service fee.

This makes no sense, we have to pay for a job that was never completed. Pure nonsense! Another time, my kitchen faucet broke, I waited for 10 days till someone came to install a new one. They replaced my $400 faucet with something that might only cost for $50.

AHS won't refund my money back, let alone replace the cheap faucet.

Do not sign up with this company! Never!!!!!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Location: New York, New York

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The whole process is a flim-flam—a home warranty was invented just to help realtors sell houses, but it has evolved into an epic con game. You can’t get the premium investment out of it, or else they would not make money.

They can’t pay out anything on claims or the contractors will be too generous. So instead, they are stingy with money to the contractors—only allowing a very small amount per claim no matter what is needed. For plumbing it’s around $125. A faucet can’t be provided and installed for $125 so you have to accept the cheapest thing possible and feel lucky you got that.

The plumber has to make money too or there would be no point. The contractors are treated horribly by home warranty customers and home warranty companies. It is a nightmare for all parties involved.

Just pay for your own repair people and skip the middle man. There is no better home warranty company.

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