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A/C went out in middle of May, called AHS who called Absolute LLC, two weeks later called to come to house. said need new A.C,

Ok, In July showed up to put in.

3 days later same problem. called AHS again for about 10th time, finely got ahold of Absolute who finely came back, work on A/C left, next day, same problem, called AHS who called Absolute again. never heard from him.

Daughter sent Text to Absolute about fixing A/C, absolute sent back Text saying it was her fault, and he wasn't going to fix. 4 months without A/C that he was suppose to fix, and didn't, and can't get AHS to do anything.

Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Obviously, she did not get a “new ac” only some components or parts. Had she gotten a “new ac” from AHS, she would have spent thousands of dollars in non-covered costs. And now there has been a denial, so she needs to call herself a private company and buy herself a “new ac”, and forget about home warranty companies.


From the wording of your complaint it sounds like Absolute says it is your daughter's fault. You probably should find out just what your daughter is doing as regards operation of an air conditioner.

From the quality of the customer service provided by AHS, may I suggest you cancel out the policy at the earliest opportunity?

Any company in that line of business who fails to promptly answer their phones and then leap into action does not deserve your business. I have never found these type protection plans worth a hoot.

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