On 06/05/21, Infinity Home Solutions, contracted through American Home Shield to install a 3 Ton Evap Coil for my air conditioning unit for the sum of $3,105.00 for services not covered under the policy.

On 08/13/21, during a routine bi annual scheduled maintenance program through my HVAC Provider, we discovered that an over abundance of condensation that formed on the EVAC coil, drained and overflowed the drip pan onto the particle board, subsequently through to the sheet rock. In addition, there was numerous issues noted with the installation performed on 06/05/21; it appears that the system was over charged with Freon, causing the EVAC Coil and compressor to freeze, thus producing an enormous amount of ice and condensation.

The drip Pan was canted downward to the right, which allowed the water that formed to drain in the opposite direction of the drain pipe and exited through the crack in the pan. It appears that the Infinity Home Solutions Installer noticed the crack in the drip Pan and instead of advising the homeowner of the situation and suggesting that the part be replaced prior to installing the EVAC Coil, he decided to use duct tape to cover up the crack, but it failed.

Also, the HVAC Service Techician ran a gauge check to determine the efficiency of the AC Unit and the numbers were running either TOO LOW or TOO HIGH due the the system being over charged with Freon. There is NO WAY possible that I would have known of the shoddy workmanship with within 30 days. If it wasnt for a scheduled bi annual maintenance appointment and the excess formation of condensation, I would have never known of the problem.

I attempted to contact Infinity Home Solutions, via the telephone and email, with negative response.

Several attempts to contact American Home Shield were made to resolve this issue at its lowest levels, but all I got was the run around.

I was then advised that I had to pay a $100 Service fee before I could get assistance.

I pay American Home Shield Warranty a monthly premium to fix, prevent, replace problems, not create them.

Update: On 08/18/21, a water damage contractor repair service assessed that there is water damage, moisture in the sheet rock and visible mold growth in exposed areas. I am waiting on an estimate prior to moving forward.

Resolution: I want the drip Pan replaced, since cant be repaired and set level to drain the water properly, the R22 Freon levels to be set at the manufacturer's specifications, made whole by replacing any ceiling drywall damaged by water and my $100 Service fee refunded.

User's recommendation: Caveat Emptor.

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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