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We have AMERICAN HOME SHIELD WARRANTY program. Our Air Conditioner compressor had a leak and had no freon left-needed a new one.

We went 5 days, in 100+degree temps (Arizona) waiting for an authorization for part, then ordering and receiving it and THEN for Blue Ox Air Conditioning Co. to SCHEDULE a time for repair. THEN we found out that there is a $105.00 EXTRA Air Company fee for compressor disposal, that AHS said was a LEGITIMATE FEE they could charge! We checked with Arizona Dept.

of Environmental Quality and were told by Mr. Brown in Solid Waste, that since the part was void of freon, it could be disposed of by US at a recycling center that actually would pay us about $10.00 for it and that it was NOT AN EPA ISSUE, WITH NO FREON INVOLVED! The initial repair person did confirm there was no freon in the system! Also, 2 other random air companies were called and we were told THEY DO NOT CHARGE THEIR CUSTOMERS FOR DISPOSAL!

First, shame on AHS AND Blue Ox for charging an EXCESSIVE disposal fee for a piece of scrap metal that WE could have disposed of and Second, think twice about your choice of home warranty company when this kind of practice is ACCEPTABLE TO THEM and except for the efficient technician, DO NOT USE BLUE OX AIR CONDITIONING! Just because it's LEGAL, DOESNT MAKE IT MORAL OR GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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This is SPOOKY - the above is almost a doppelganger of the experience I was about to have with ANOTHER one of the marginal contractors who seem to be the only ones willing to live under the regime imposed on its agents by AHS...but forewarned that the $150.00 "disposal fee" quoted by the contractor (Sweet Mountain Air) is bogus - both by this and other forums, through the testimony of an experienced HVAC technician friend of mine, and also through couple of phone calls placed to the state and county bureaucracies who have something to say about the disposal of solid waste - I told the technician who arrived to install the replacement compressor and recharge the system with refrigerant that I was opting OUT of their kind offer to fatten their bottom line with an additional $150.00, and that I would instead take care of the old failed compressor myself - and after the meekest of efforts to contest and a brief mutter about what AHS might have to say about this (I quickly assured him that AHS told me that the issue of the fee was between me and the contractor, and elaborated that I had learned through my research that there's no EPA or local government regulation governing the disposal of a dead compressor with NO refrigerant in it), he relented and did the work, dropping the old compressor in the packaging in which the replacement arrived next to my garage door. The tone turned noticeably chilly after this encounter, but they did the work and - for now - the system is back up and functioning.


I have just been charged $150.00 for the disposal fees and disposing of the freon is extra.

Same insurance company American home shield and sweet mountain air. Sweet ripe off.


Yeah, after they had already come and diagnosed the system as without pressure due to the catastrophic leak in the compressor - and therefore requiring NO RECOVERY OF "OLD" REFRIGERANT, y'know, since it was already GONE and in the atmosphere - Mr. Excitement at the "office" totted up a grand total which included not only the *** "disposal" fee of $150.00, but an additional $150.00 for "refrigerant recovery", which I quickly batted away with a terse reminder that we'd been told that we had no refrigerant.

Honestly, you'd have to be a *** of Brobdingnagian proportions to swallow this kind of utter perfidy. "Um, Mr. Air Conditioning Fixer Man, how come I have to pay you to take the gas out when we know that the gas is worth at least $25 per pound, and it can be reused once contaminants are distilled back out of it - which your recovery machine does automatically when it's sucking the gas out? OH, and since you told me I'm all OUT of refrigerant, why, oh why, would I need to pay you to suck out my refrigerant anyway?

Do I look, sound and actually SMELL that ***? Jeez...


The same thing happened to me! Kozy AC in Midlothian tx!!!

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