Front Royal, Virginia

Signed up for AHS after getting spammed and bombarded with mailers for nearly 2 years. Thought it might be a good idea to get coverage as my appliances and ac were nearing the 10 year mark.

After signing and receiving coverage coincidentally my ac started acting up. ( It actually was a capacitor issue that one hour ac of las vegas took care of.) I contacted ahs first thinking to myself thank goodness I got insurance that covered repairs to ac unit. After getting kicked around in their automated service for 10 minutes I finally got a living breathing person on the phone. I told her what had happened and that this was an emergency I have a six year old and a three year old.

The house had reached a whopping 92 degrees. She told me that she would expedite the work order being that I lived in the Nevada desert. Expedite? She then said one of their cut rate contractors would call me within 24 hours to set up an appointment to come out.

I told her that they needed to come out that day and was informed that wasn't possible. Before you waste your money with this insurance keep in mind they don't expedite work orders knowing the severity of your circumstance you will resort to calling someone else and paying out of pocket.

This insurance is useless.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I have asthma and mitral valve prolapse with an active and recurring history of heat stroke due to inability to sweat. We have tried to get service expedited, but the problem is they do not understand the severity of the circumstances of the medical issues or do not know how to communicate it clearly with the service contractors.

We are now literally needing service for the second time in four months time and still awaiting an actual service time and day. Here's the clencher though: Due to being a person with medically documented conditions, failure to expedite may end up ultimately lead to a lawsuit.


In reading all the negative comments I wonder why the state regulatory agency doesn't step in and shut them down and/or arrest the honchos in charge. Do corporations have some special kind of immunity? Do they have some special kind of hyde?


if you live in Nevada, why does your post come from Virginia?

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