I've been AHS customer for 10 years total-my membership payments debited from same bank account for those 10 years each month only difference AHS increase membership dues yearly but mind is paid on time in full every month. Now since Feb.

2019 I've received five emails stating my service fee of $75 not paid for electrical service call to my home in January 2019. I've called AHS first to see why I got email they said it wasn't noted as paid and my contract can lapse if not received. I told AHS rep. service fees are always deducted from same bank account on file since I been customer and AHS can continue to do so.

Second email camed, I called AHS again...stated same as mentioned before that first AHS rep said it'll be taken care of by debit. Second rep said $75 not shown as paid so I went over bank info with him and he stated the wrong ending digits to my bank account. I brought that to his attention that the ending four digits he stated were the banks routing number last four digits and I stated my full checking acct. number to him and said why is my account info listed wrong.

He said sorry everything will be okay as info is. I said, sir no because you really need to change info to how its been with no problem for years and please investigate who and why my bank acct. number and routing number switched. This has never happened.

Now three more emails and phone calls later to AHS retelling about first to present email received and my calls to AHS my account still stating not paid even after I gave fourth AHS rep. the date 2/27/2019, $75 paid to AHS from my checking acct. statement. Number 4 rep said no he can't accept that info and I need to call my bank to see what happened to payment.

I suggested he call my bank and get same info and whatever proof needed $75 paid. He said no and service fee still due. I call my bank and bank rep agreed $75 paid on 2/27/2019 and AHS rep should have called. I made a claim about paid $75 to AHS and AHS stating they not received it.

I sent a email with AHS letter to me and a copy of my bank claim stating what is already proven AHS charged my account and was paid. Today I called and rep. Roselle(at this point how can I believe this is her name and indeed AHS rep, and that her manager is in a meeting and she can't give manager or ceo of AHS names to me with their contact info to clear my account) said no worry she will call contractor about non paid service fee. I said I would like AHS to update my account as paid, send me letter of explaining who change my bank account info and if someone noted my AHS acct.

as unpaid and took money, send electrical company explanation why they not paid not because of me but AHS not doing their part, and finally at this point I think AHS should out of goodwill not not charge me for my next service contract call visit. I've always had professional and kind contractors to my home in past tens years but my concern is AHS. I wonder has anyone else had same similar experience. Why won't AHS reps give me their full name, manage and CEO to contact but they have all my info.

AHS want me to trust each time I call they will clear/update my account to paid in full-AHS get their membership fee from my bank every month but won't settle this matter favorably in timely manner with clearly written letter/s stating why this is happening. AHS get customers money but won't give email or mailing address to send correspondence. As of today I will have lawyer handle this for me.

Why don't each rep I talk to have recorded and documented words spoken on their computer screen to read and refer to which would help present AHS rep know full situation or do AHS tell reps not to say they see all info on customer account on computer screen. Really this is 2019.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Send me letter explaining who changed acct. info began this trouble, send me copy of letter or email to contract eletrical company AHS at fault for any monies not recieved/not recieved on time not me customer so contractor won't think I didn't do my part,.

American Home Shield Pros: Vendor we eventually got for serice, Vendors for all services.

American Home Shield Cons: Customer servicepromptnessway treated me, No real customer service.

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