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We had an electrical problem and they sent out a tech. He maybe spent 10 minutes and was very nice, but he told me are panel was fried and that he would try and get AHS to cover it knowing full well they wouldn’t.

It is over a $3000 dollar repair that was denied due to their loopholes. I brought in a referred electrician that took 2 minutes to tell me it was not my panel, but a loose connection and 2 worn out breakers. 2 hours and $130 later, the problem was resolved. I informed AHS and they said if I felt the diagnosis was incorrect then I could have requested a second technician for second opinion.

WTF??? Why would I question something I know nothing about??? Isn’t it their job to send out qualified technicians?? Lesson learned, save my money and hire my own techs.

In the end it would cost me a lot less.

$60 x 12 months plus $75 service fees + and diffference in upgrade of repair or appliances because they're Outdated. I’d come out ahead.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Systems Protection Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Ohhh!! They are terrible.

Anyone here from SC ? You can report them!! Number is on contract for SC only. Would cancel with them.

They cancel me without even sending me a letter! Yet they will renew your contract if you have your account online with them!


They are by far the wors


All home warranty companies are bad. There is no such thing as a free (or cheap) lunch. All home warranties are scams.


There are a couple of reasons that the AHS electrician wanted to replace your panel. Every single reason for complaints goes back to the fact that AHS doesn’t pay the contractors like the electrician for what is being repaired.

Recalls within the recall period are free, and count against the contractor. So if the repair fails, and a recall is placed by the customer, the electrician has to foot the bill for another trip, another part, and more labor. Since the contractor only gets paid a flat rate for each and every new service request that is pre-determines by the AHS contractor relations department, the contractor will repair as little as possible since the amount of money does not increase. Even if you need a whole new whatever, the contractor would have to buy it and install it on his own dime, for the small set amount of money.

Obviously, that will put the contractor in financial trouble, operating at a huge loss. So, the contractor has to ask for denials of your claim and then try to sell you, the customer, what you wanted in the first place. That’s the only way to keep the electrician from losing lots of money. Your second electrician that you hired independently has a different business model, where he is trying to earn your business.

If after his repair, the system fails, you will pay him again. It won’t be a free recall. AHS doesn’t pay the contractors above the tiny amount of money that is set, and it is up to the contractor to figure out how to handle his business end. He is forced to attempt to get the customer to pay for the repairs or let them go elsewhere, and he walks away with the low amount he was going to get regardless of the work he did or didn’t do.

Home warranties are a horrible business model for both the contractors and the customers. It works out for AHS, as they aren’t out anything—the customer even pays the service fee!

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