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My sister in law has had AHS for many years and very happy with them. So I called them to start a policy with them.

When I set up my policy on 12 monthly payments, I was told I could make the payment before the due date and I would be able to remove the auto pay. I called tonight to make the payment and told I couldn't because it is due the 7th on auto pay and the contract is not set up yet. I talked to Alicia and she told me she talked to her supervisor, Brian and he also said after the 1st payment I could remove auto pay. I talked to 3 different reps tonight, each telling me something different and each time requested a supervisor to call.

It took the 3 calls and 3 hours for one to call me. He told me I had to be on auto pay unless I made the full payment. I will be making a 4th call tomorrow to the sales department. 1st Tamika said I had to wait 24-48 hours for a supervisor to call, then Gabriella said one would call by 9pm, then Alicia basically said her supervisor would not call because he told her what to tell me.

5 minutes later one called.

This company is very frustrating to deal with. My daughter just bought a house and I suggested she sign up with AHS, needless to say, she has changed her mind after reading other reviews.

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Omg had the same issue.. Been with them 3years and paid on time with bill paid monthly....then I get my renewal luckily read it and it said quarterly when I called I got such an arrogant little *** told me if I didn't give my credit card number they can't do monthly...BUT if I do can change it to monthly then cancel my card payments and continue with bill pay and if I didn't do it this way I will be delinquent in my payments and any coverage voided and nothing will be covered. I ended up hanging up with him and called back a couple days later when I claimed down...same requirements but much better service...

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