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They (Professional Renovation) supposingly repaired *** in my bedroom that was cut by the plumber sent out to stop leak in the wall, He cut a 12x12 hole in wall to repair piping inside wall. The repairman (professional renovation) a Mr Wilson put compound to the patch the hole and apply tape over it, but did not put compound over tape (left the tape exposed).

Therefore leaving the job incomplete. I have talked to several AHS Reps with no satisfaction. They are saying I am suppose to put a coat of mud (compound) over the tape, sand and paint. I understand the painting but I am not skilled to mud sheet rock.

I have been with AHS almost 7 years and paid them approx.

$4000.00 and this is the service I get. In order to repair the holes in my bedroom wall will cost me at least $300 to $500.00 and that is not including painting. Will someone please do the right thing and send someone other than Mr. Wilson to correct the mess he made.

I would like to send a picture to someone to see the mess he made that is suppose to be a rough finish; rough it is!

Marion Moses, 6205 Hickory Hill Ct, Montgomery, AL 36117 Contract #134532192. Phone # (334) 356-3327.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Use a drywall knife to cover the patch with lightweight joint compound in a crisscross pattern, feathering the edges so it blends with the wall. If this is happening again, I highly suggest to consult with a professional drywall service who's expert on this.


At least they sent someone to repair your ceiling. AHS's plumber cut a huge hole into my ceiling, trying to find the source of a leak in a copper pipe.

The plumber found the leak, and AHS said they would send someone to close up two areas that the plumber ripped open.

A drywall company came to my house, and left without doing a thing. Later, I got a letter from AHS saying the damage would not be covered because it was secondary. Really? After the plumber ripped open the area?

I cannot believe it. My dining area looks like a fallout shelter.

These people are a joke of a company. I am taking them to small claims court.

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