Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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American Home Shield our home warranty company had contracted Total Air Care to fix our air conditioner... We had to wait a week for our appointment...

with no A/C we were very keen on getting "cool" again. We were told they would come between 12p-4p. We waited and waited... NOTHING...They didn't show!

No call to warn us or anything... I tried calling the company and was on hold for hours... after looking at other reviews have decided to go with another company... this is so unprofessional!

Our A/C is still not fixed! I have called AHS to complain about the "no-show" and have requested them to contract another company...

Total Air Care is very unprofessional - and a waste of time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Total Air Care Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you “decided to go with another company”, why did they (the other company) not fix it? Did you leave them a bad review as well?

You should have! Because whenever something is broken, it should be fixed...

immediately! Never mind who is going to pay for it.


I have a similar situation but it relates to Condensate ruining my ceiling and unsuccessful attempts at repairing a simple problem. Presently my ceiling and insulation are down, the floor below the unit is water damaged, there is suspicious black coloring on the framing and the unit is rusted.

Total Air has not been responding with the trained proffesionals to diagnose and resolve the problem has caused the situation.

Total air care is responsible for rplacing the unit and repairing the damage to my house. To date they have been unresponsive

@David Esden

That happens when air conditioners and plumbing are located overhead. It sucks that you left the system running and didn’t turn it off before it caused the damage. If they didn’t install the system, it is in no way their fault.


I also live in the Baton Rouge area, and have nothing good to say about Total Air either. They are liars, plain and simple. DO NOT USE THEM!


Did you ever consider that AHS could be to blame, with their cost controls? You aren’t the only one that is unwilling to pay the appropriate prices for repairs.

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