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If you own a home and are looking for home warranty, do not use this company, or any co that is part of there parent co.

Live in Southern California. Paid my $75 copay, technician came out, found rubber and plastic in filter.

The washer started leaking in the front and spinning really fast and at end of cycle knocking. So he said do not wash rubber or plastic, he left, my first load, same problem. He had to come out again. I told him code was reading OE on machine.

He ordered drain pump, I confirmed with family no one had washed plastic or rubber (see pictures) asked tech if it was coming from the machine. He said no. Was pump. Came out to install.

Left. First load. Huge boom! Washer moved out two feet from wall.

Filter completely out of socket and the rubber around the drum when you opened the door completely off. I looked and you could see rubber and plastic shavings from drum. I called home warranty they said call the “accord appliance” do not use that company. Idiots!!

So the tech came back and then said could not be repaired and damage was from over loading. Three times he came out and had no idea. I told him the code. Then reports the damage is from over loading.

So I wanted 2nd opinion. They sent out technician and he only stayed the current condition of washer. Again they said not covered. So basically I went two weeks no washer, and to take off 10 hours of work and pay $75 dollar copay.

I had this washer for 8 years. I think if I was over loading it would of happened sooner and wouldn’t take a technician 3 times to make a decision that was the problem. High way robbery.

Do not hire this company unless all you want to do is light your money on fire. Horrible they don’t even rate one star!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Sounds like your machine is shot and you should just go buy a new one. Eight years is a long life for any appliance anymore. Save the copays, premiums and hassle by purchasing a new appliance, especially if timely use of your appliances is of any importance to you.

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