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I am 71 year old woman. I have been self employed for forty years as a psychologist and management consultant. I am a passionate consumer advocate. I care a lot that people do what they say. This is the second time in my life I have turned to social media. I do so for the protection of others.

I have never had a home warrantee in my life and my experience with American Home Shield has assured me I will never again. There mottos is Worry less Live More. I have taught stress management for decades. It should be Worry lots, because if something goes wrong, you will have an experience that is NOT life enhancing.

It started with an hour talk getting signed up. I asked every question possible to make sure that I was covered for what they said I would be. They would NOT send a contract first for me to read but said I would have a month to cancel. I did not receive the contract in the first month.

I had a problem that was with a faulty regulator that needed to be removed. It took eight days, six hours on hold with many phone calls, one plumber who quit so he did not come as promised, the next came four hours later then promised. Each time I called I could not get to the person I had talked to and had to start all over again. The plumber that came was lovely, just turned out totally incompetent. He diagnosed the problem completely wrong, causing another two day delay. After countless calls, always asking for a supervisor or someone in authority to problem solved, I was told continually, there was no such person. Finally, in total frustration I called a real plumber and got the situation resolved. It was at a cost of $635 I had $125 deductible so I sent them a long letter of explanation saying they should pay all but the deductible. I also said I wanted to cancel the policy and get my full $594 back and not be charged $125 for the visit of the sweet man who did not understand the problem. Each time you ask something you are sent to another department who you have to tell the whole story to. To my amazement, to try and cancel you are sent to the retention department. Perhaps we don’t share the same understanding of English, but cancel does not mean to me retention. Those in the retention department got me canceled but in the end refused my claim. I was going to take legal action against them for misrepresentation and countless other things but you have to pay $200 just to open arbitration and then if you get a judgment, the court is not a collection agency. So, my last resort is to simply say, if you want to worry less and live more stay as far as you can from American Shield. There best people are on the sign up end, from then on a nightmare. God help you if you have an emergency because they only have to file the paper work in 48 hours. They contract with folks who are not good enough to get their own business, so you are not getting the best by a long shot. So, this is my gift to you: save yourself the stress and worry

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $510.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: False promises, Being on hold for endless hours, Not being problem solvers, Not caring about losing a customer.

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