Our air conditioner stopped working on 8/11/2021American Home Shield contracted Air Doctor to service our unit. On 8/18, Air Doctor sent Noah to assess the unit.

He looked at the unit and after several minutes declared that "It is working!" . I explained that the fan always worked but if he held out his hand, he would notice that the air was hot. He then went back to the unit and noticed the freon was extremely low and had to investigate further. He then was having to have a bowel movement but did not want to use our bathroom and left for a while.

He returned and said he thought there was a leak in the coil and took the coil so their mechanic could fix it. This mechanic only works on the weekend so they tried fixing it and on 8/24 we were informed that the part could not be fixed but had to order a new one. They said the new part will arrive on 8/28/21 and they would try to install it then but they never called us on 8/28/21. On 8/30, we were told the new part had arrived but to install it we would need to pay $728 for the freon since it would not be covered by American Home Shields.

They said that the tech, Noah should have told us that, which he had not. Desire from Air Doctor also stated the numerous other parts that Noah the technician had written that he had identified and fixed but the only thing that he said to me was that the coil was leaking. No itemized form was ever given to me by

Air Doctor. I told Desire that I wanted an itemized account of what was found and done by Noah which she replied they sent to American Home Shield.

I then call American Home Shield and spoke to Chris who stated that she could see no diagnosis sent by Air Doctor. I called Desire at Air Doctor to question the diagnosis so I could better understand how we would have to pay $728 without a diagnosis. By then, she was irate and responded that the approval department had received the information and she deals with them. It is difficult for me to understand how the approval department, which does not speak directly to customers, does not update the notes so that customer service department has the information needed when customers call.

I then spoke to the escalation department who basically stated that we would need to pay the $728 . I was on the phone for 1hour and 48 minutes. I was post call from a 24 hour shift at Advent Health Hospital where I work as a midwife. I had slept 2 hours coming home to a hot house yet again.

We were told by Air Doctor that Noah would be available on 8/27 to install the new coil. We asked for a senior technician and was told that Jack could come only on 9/2 and that Jack has over 20 years experience. We agreed. On 9/2/21 Hilda Muinos, whose name is on the policy and is a teacher had to make arrangements and miss half a days work to be at home for the Air Doctor Appointment.

Air Doctor told her that Jack would arrive between 9 and 1 and then at 11:30 they tell her that the window is now 1 to 5 PM. They actuallty changed the window on her. At 2:30 PM on 9/2/21, while waiting at home for Jack, she receives a phone call from Air Doctor informing her that it was too hot for him to come in the afternoon and work on the unit since it was up in the attic and that he had not been told that it was in the attic. They said that instead he would come back first thing on Saturday, 9/4/21.

Yet, we had been living in this heat for 22 days. Jack, the experienced technician, who actually only has 11 years experience and not 20, finally came today, 9/4 at 10:30. When he went to replace the part, he noticed that the pan the coil rest on was cracked and has to be ordered. So another delay.

This was something that now needs to be ordered. We are now 24 days without air conditioning. I have cardiogenic syncope and heat causes vasodilation, increasing creating dizziness and near fainting episodes. I left 2 messages with Jack who did not call be back.

In the past 3 weeks, Hilda Muinos has requested for a call from a AHS supervisor and each time she has been told that she would have to wait 24 to 48 hours and NOBODY has EVER CALLED HER.

I am so disappointed with Air Doctor and American Home Shield. This case needs to be escalated and we will be reviewing both companies on social media

User's recommendation: Open a savings account and put away money each month so that if something breaks, you have funds to replace it and don’t use an insurance company.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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