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American Home Shield

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Unfortunately, we have had the need to file claims under our American Home Shield contract. We have repeatedly found that the information received from customer support is lacking, but more importantly, varies depending upon with whom you speak. The first time we made a service request, it took 6 weeks for AHS to cause a repair company to respond, only to confirm what we all knew - that the washing machine could not be repaired. (The repair company that was finally dispatched to us was great - Manny's Appliance (James) - so no complaints on that side.) The HOURS we had to spend trying to get through to AHS and then to FINALLY speak with someone who was knowledgeable was inexcusable. If I could bill them for lost billable hours, even just for sitting on hold before a human answers the call, they would still owe me money! We are on our third claim and the service on the AHS end remains poor. AHS refuses to share the standard guidelines it issues to every repair provider. AHS claims to be available 24/7 but buyer BEWARE. Yes, you can spend hours trying to request a service repair, but the response time does not start until the service AHS specifically designates does not begin until the repair company opens during regular business hours. If there is a major problem on a weekend, AHS REFUSES to find a provider that CAN respond within 24-48 hours of reporting the need, even though many companies DO offer weekend servicing. So, the repair service has 48 hours within its normal business hours just to call to determine when they might be able to come for an initial diagnostic visit. Therefore, if they do not have an appointment available for a week, you - the AHS customer - must wait for that time period because AHS refuses to assign the repair request to a different service that is able to provide service within a more reasonable time period. Bottom line is that the AHS policyholder is left waiting for an indefinite amount of time. Of course, AHS will not pay anything towards perhaps the rental of a substitute frig pending the 3-4 weeks it may take to resolve the situation. Similarly, when a repair company cannot visit the covered hot water heater for whatever time period to confirm that the heater needs to be replaced, AHS will not reimburse for any cost to stay elsewhere, so as to have the ability to show up at work clean. One is nicely advised by AHS to boil water to bathe your family for as long as that takes. AHS will also not permit the policyholder to pay out of pocket, with no expectation of reimbursement, for a well-known, reputable, licensed service provider to, at least, to visit and provide an assessment of the repair, this despite the fact that it is well known and Internet searches will confirm, that a hole/leak in a water heater cannot be repaired. If you are patient enough to deal with all these hours of endless hassle and your insured item is declared irreparable, then you must wait for a different area of AHS to contact you with replacement options from which to choose or an offer of cash in lieu of replacement to be offered. There is no requisite time period in which AHS must contact you with their suggested options and you may NOT purchase any replacement of your own choosing UNTIL such options have been received and you formally chose cash over replacement option. If you do so, no reimbursement will be made at all. SO, you can just imagine how wonderful one feels after dealing with AHS, just like rubbing a truck load of salt into a wound. Therefore, think carefully about what you can afford to pay on your own for service, repair and/or replacement versus how much irritation, agitation, hours on hold, days home pending a service call, etc., before you decide whether to purchase what appears to be a reasonably priced home warranty with American Home Shield.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Provide repair service on weekend for outstanding repair requests!.

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Bingo. Paying out of pocket is much more appealing than going through the nightmare.

Inflation is the culprit, causing everyone to consider horrible options such as home warranties to “cover” expenses that are required in home ownership. Peace of mind cannot be purchased. An emergency fund will provide way more peace than a policy. A peace of mind policy is a bank account with at least $500 in it to start out with.

The cost of a year’s policy with AHS. Then add $75 a month in “service fees” to your emergency fund. Your money will be there when you need it, and while you aren’t having emergencies, do your research on local small businesses to see who will help you in your hour of need. Gather phone numbers, business cards, recommendations and reviews for when you need someone.

Build a relationship with real people rather than a call center in the Philippines. Trust me, they don’t give a damn whether you get your refrigerator working, because they dont even have one!

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