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So it took me 4 days to finally get someone on phone..They in turn told me they had to send someone out not me to get it fixed or replaced. So the guy they picked came and checked it out and told me it wasn't up to code so ahs wouldn't cover it and I had to pay out of my pocket of 1200 bucks..i got rid of them right away.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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AHS only pays the plumber your $100 seervice fee, therefore the plumber has to either: find a way to deny the claim outright; find modifications that are needed and overcharge for them; or do the work for free and provide all the equipment at his own expense. If you were the AHS plumber, which would you choose?

The answer you’d pick is a forth option: don’t work for AHS—but then who would come when you try to use your AHS service on your next plumbing call? If there are no plumbers willing to work with AHS, your policy is even more useless than it already is. So where is the solution? The only solution to create a change in the home warranty industry would be for all consumers and realtors to refuse them!

Mass cancellations and rapidly decreasing sales should get their attention. If homeowners and homebuyers would just stop trying to save money on their home repairs by looking for ways to avoid the responsibility themselves, and just hire local, trustworthy, LICENSED-in-an-actual-trade, NOT a general handyman or “general contractor”, but an actual small business man who answers to all the government authorities, they would not run into scheisters who have given the trades a bad name. Household Repairs are abhorrently expensive, in part, due to inflation, and in part due to government control. Not greed.

Things cost a fortune now, but people don’t mind paying outrageous prices for fun stuff, like Vacations and home improvements of a cosmetic nature. Appliances are less repairable than they used to be, and replacements are the often the most cost-effective option.

Nothing can be done about that, as we have become a disposable society. We value electronics, LED lights and smart technology too much, and it has made us lose common sense.

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