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I signed up for AHS about two months ago. They denied my claim because they said the AC unit had been having problems prior to me signing up with them.

Yes back four months ago or so someone came out and put more Freon in that unit but said that it was good to go. When I talked to the person at AHS over the phone prior to signing up she specifically said that as long as any claims weren't in the first 30 days that all equipment in the agreement would be covered. I SPECIFICALLY asked that question. How did I know that there was oil in the ac coil in the attic indicating it had been leaking for a long time.

The prior AC repair guy said after putting in Freon there were no concerns. I have another AC unit.

When it goes bad I have no doubt AHS will say the same thing. am I supposed to know about leaking inside of a unit?

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Most people buy the policy and then wait 31 days to file the claim, acting like it just happened on the day the day they filed the claim.


Home warranty customers buy these policies because they KNOW there are problems with the appliances. Freon leaking from the ac system is an ongoing, expensive problem that is practically impossible to totally resolve, especially since the EPA has made many changes in the regulation of refrigerant.

The last tech that added freon would definitely have not missed the opportunity to tell you this. It’s hard to believe he wouldn’t have explained that a new system or at least a leak repair and freon replacement was in your future, at least to try to sell you something or cover his own behind when it leaks out again. If nothing else, he would have explained why the refrigerant is so expensive and had to be replaced in the first place, which is probably what prompted you to buy the home warranty policy! That is like buying car insurance on a car after it has been wrecked.

AHS has many ways of not paying for claims, and even if they had not denied your claim, they only pay $10 per pound for the refrigerant, and the tech would have recommended a minor leak repair instead of replacing ANY of the equipment.

Equipment and parts are provided by the service company, not AHS, and AHS requires their preferred contractors to absorb the expense!!! If the contractor charges AHS for anything, they get FiRED.

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