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Hi Leon, A home warranty means never paying to fix a covered appliance again. Protect yourself from unexpected repair costs today.

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Thank you, Elizabeth American Home Shield | 740 Broadway, Suite 701 , New York, NY 10003 Unsubscribe to remove yourself from future emails Hello Elizabeth, i would say thank you for the invitatiin to join AHS, but my last experience was so bad with this company I would never again do business with them again, and as many people as I can speak with advise them not ti do the same, I had thought that AHS was only out for your money and you guys proved me 100% correct, no this is not the ranting of some deranged unreasonable person but your company does not disclose the fine print about how you determine weather or not you will pay for repairs to a covered part. When I last signed up for your service my AC went out exactly 2-3 days after the waiting period, so when I reported it I had not one but a second opinion as well and AHS, would not replace my AC after the recommendation of your techs because the way your reports are written for the techs to complete gives you loop holes out of fixing the covered items according to both techs what caused the AC compressor to fail was low freon in the system which in your estimation is preexisting and had to have been low for a very long time, however what neither of those techs knew is first I have 2 units which is obvious, but what was not obvious 45 days prior I had my other unit services for a bad motor I had the tech put his gauges on both units and the one in question wasn't low at all on freon so your first tech lied because freon doesn't drain out of a system that fast unless you let it out, you all are a bunch of Liars your company charged me the initial sign up fee plus 125.00 for the second opinion for absolutely nothing, so please take me off of your hot list call list, or what ever you call it I am not interested in doing business with a company with such deceptive practices, of course this works in your favor you got 200.00 or so and didn't have ti replace the unit which is somewhere around 3500- 4000 on the low end, I guess that's good business where AHS is concerned they saved the company a few thousand bit will lose much more after I place this email on social media and all the rating sites, and yes I know it won't break AHS at all business will go on as usual but at least you won't have mine, and just maybe I can save someone else from your deceptive shenanigans.

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