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I am a current, (getting ready to quit) very disappointed customer of American Home Shield. I have been paying my monthly $57 for the past 4 years totaling $2,736 knowing that one day I would need to replace my older A/C unit.

For the past 2 years I have had to call American Home Shield and request someone come out and look at my unit. Both times I have had paid the $75 service fee, and every time I have had to pay $65-$75.00 per pound for 6-10lbs of Freon. AGAIN spending $225 in service fees, and $780 in Freon.

Rewind to this year…I call you AGAIN for the 3rd time and you send someone out. This time it is the evaporator coil that needs to be replaced. The quote we received was for over $600 and I would have to pay AGAIN for 10 units of Freon totaling $650.00. As the contractor AHS sent, stood in front of me he even said “he wouldn’t pay to replace the coil because the unit is over 25 years old and you will have to drain the Freon and replace it when the unit dies”. THAT IS JUST FINANCIALLY ***. Why would I spend $1,300-$1,400 of Freon? I have asked for an upgrade/buy out and AHS are ONLY willing to pay the cost of the coil. So let me get this straight I’ve paid $855 in service and Freon fees, paid $2,736 for my contract with AHS and you want to only pay me $600 for a patchwork repair?? That is ridiculous. Why would I spend all that money for new Freon to replace the coil when knowingly this will only get me by for a little while, then drain all the Freon again to make another repair later. With the money I’ve paid you in fees, Freon, and for my contact I could have replaced my own unit and not messed with the scam you are running. Even if you were to give me $1,500 for my upgrade I still have to pay over $2,000 out of pocket to get my unit fixed. The crazy thing is I would have kept my contract if AHS would have just given me the buyout limit of $1500 and I would have paid the rest to put in an entire new unit.

That takes me to my next point. Your customer service is WORTHLESS, and rude. I have called over 24 times and had to wait on the phone for over 25 mins before someone picks up. Every time I speak to someone, they could careless that I have no air conditioning in Georgia, during summer and could careless to get me transferred to the correct person. You have even said you would have someone call me back. I have left a 4 messages for a “manager”, Danisha with no returned phone call. The only company that has a worse customer service department is Comcast, but you guys are making it a tough decision. I would be embarrassed to work for a company that has no morals or ethics in what it does to customers. You take their money each month and look for ways not to help these people and then not answer their calls or have any desire to help the customer. AHS is nothing but a scam.

What you don’t know is that a member of my family works for a large media company in Georgia that happens to do stories on these types of companies and they would love to get their hands on this. I would suggest you get someone who can make a decision to give me a call back. Clark Howard had it right when he said “If you own a home and you're one of the 3 million homeowners that has been flushing money down the drain each year, don't do it anymore. Don't renew that policy! I'd prefer that you put $50 a month into a repair fund in lieu of renewing that $600 annual home warranty policy.”

Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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