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Called in a problem Sunday morning, central a/c not functioning. After answering numerous questions finally got service order# as well as the name of the assigned vendor.

Later on in the day the vendors dispatch called and gave me an appointment date of the following Thursday. Called back to AHS and requested a different vendor with an earlier response date which apparently is difficult to obtain since it required approximately 4 hours of my time and numerous phone calls to accomplish. Have requested to speak with someone in a managerial capacity to no avail . In addition to the poor customer service it became clear to me that the individuals I was speaking to were all foreigners who either did not clearly understand what I was requesting or had not been properly trained.

They had a prescribed script to follow and did not know how to either escalate a call or deviate from their written instructions. I have been promised a return call from AHS by several representatives all with no results, therefore this poor review.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Customer Service Is Extremely Poor
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You can call in a Sunday service request to almost any HVAC company and get service in a matter of minutes, except when you use a home warranty. Home warranty companies only pay a small flat rate for the entire service, and it has to cover the parts, labor, etc.

all for your service fee. The only HVAC companies willing to work for AHS and other home warranty companies have to receive a huge volume of work orders to make it feasible. The only way to get the high volume needed is to not charge AHS for anything over the service fee the customer is paying, regardless of what is needed. Ahs will not send calls to anybody but the vendor in the area who is capping their costs at the amount that is pre-determined by AHS’ Contractor Relations Department.

It’s no different from what you as their customer are doing! You have access to hundreds of HVAC companies in your state, yet you are going to use the only one who will come see you and not charge you more than $100 (so you think!) you can’t blame AHS for not wanting to spend money they don’t have to, just so that you don’t have to wait. They won’t fix it on Thursday when they do show up—they usually have to turn it a report to the service manager and then to AHS first. All that takes time.

The HVAC contractor will look for look for any way possible to have your claim denied, or find non-covered loopholes for you to pay out of pocket to offset HIS, not AHS’, costs; because, remember, AHS only uses contractors who aren’t billing AHS. This is how they achieve their goals. They don’t pay!!!! If you have a true need, just call a company and hire them!!!

Don’t use a home warranty. Now you know!!


Now you know.