AHS website shows that Service Request # 8691**** dated 11/17/2021 for House #8013, SW 67th LN Gainesville, FL 32608 is complete. However, the service request is still not complete.

Service for furnace not heating was requested on 11/17/2021.

Contractor Cool Swift visited on 11/23/21 but could not complete the repair and suggested for a second contractor.

Second contactor, Burleson Services Inc. reported on 11/30/21 that furnace's control board shows wetness and is not working, Burleson recommended for parts to be ordered by AHS.

I talked to AHS on 12/3/21. AHS told me that parts have been ordered. AHS, at my request, also sent an email to Burleson to expedite the service.

I received an email from AHS on 12/09/21 to call AHS to discuss some limitations.

This is 21 days after the service was requested. I called on 12/10/21. AHS told me service is for control board which is damaged due to wetness for the drain from the AC unit. AHS also agreed that drain in integral to the cooling/heating unit but the service can't be completed due to limitation of liability per clause 8.

Clause 8 is

"AHS is not responsible or liable for secondary damages resulting from malfunction of any covered items. It also states secondary items could be food spoilage, loss of income, utility bills etc"

I talked to the vendor, Burleson; per them, control board got shorted due to water droplets falling from AC cooling coil on the control board.

In this case, the cooling coil is an integral part of the cooling/heating unit and can't be considered as secondary damage.

Can you please explain why control board is considered as secondary damage and not considered an integral part of the cooling/heating unit?

I request AHS to complete the repair as soon as possible. Family is living without heat for more than 20 days in this winter season.

I am with AHS for four of my properties and all are Shield Platinum.

I expect an urgent response.


Prem Goyal.

User's recommendation: Be careful of what is promised in the contract and what you get. Whatever is written in small letters is all you get.

Location: Gainesville, Florida

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