New Orleans, Louisiana
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AHS sent a plumber to repair a leak between the tank and bowl. Their plumber said it was repaired, and I paid my share $60.

I went and checked and it was still leaking. I called the plumber back in before he had left; and he said they would order a new toilet. Said it would take 10 to 14 work days.

A couple of days latter I called AHS back and said that was unsatisfactory. I told them to cancel my contract, and I would get it repaired locally.

AHS said I would get a cash out for the $60 I paid their plumber. I called a local plumber; and 20 minutes they were at my door. They repaired the leak in 30 minutes. I called AHS a second time about my cash out.

Was told I would get the cash out. Four days later, I got a call from a man from AHS who said I would not get a cash out. When I asked why he said they can do a cash out for a repair or replacement.

The decision was theirs and they decided to do a cash out for replacement not repair. I had the toilewt repaired.

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