My husband and I own a small Heating and Air company in Alabama, we have been a contractor with AHS since 2006. and 80% of our clientele is or was from AHS.

Recently AHS dropped us because of our dollar per call was too high. And several customer complaints regarding the delay in getting parts! They recommend that it stay at 198.00 or below, Considering the gas prices, paying our techs, Auto insurance, the liability and Workman's comp ins we have to carry, this is virtually impossible!!!!! Te parts situation is that AHS has a purchasing department, After myself or the tech stays on hold for over a hour to get authorization for the part were transferred to a department where you stay on hold again for them to order it, one customer could easily be a 3 hour process!

after they get the part ordered, it usually takes 3 days, not our fault, but the blame gets put on the contractor ALWAYS! And lets discuss denials, READ THE FINE PRINT! if the contractor says your hvac system is dirty and a part has failed due to lack of maintenance your part is not going to be covered!! Our techs would offer a cleaning to the customers before we called in report just so claims would not get denied,it was the right thing to do, after all these people are paying for a contract that should cover necessary parts.

we wanted to help our customers. We were told to do special favors for a real estate agent,on SEVERAL occasions, a claim would clearly be denied,on a property she had sold, we had pictures for proof, and she would have the denials overturned for her "special customers"... This my friends is so wrong!! They say they are all about customer satisfaction, but i strongly disagree!

they would rather duct tape and super glue than actually have peoples HVAC systems fixed properly!! My next step is getting all the denials together they have done over the past 2 years and try and get something done about it!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

Store Location: Athens, Georgia

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You’re full of it. The warranty company is your customer just like the homeowner is, but you’re offering cleanings before the call to cover the service?

You’re a dirty contractor and part of the problem! Your avg ticket needs to be 198? Either do it, or move on.

Don’t *** the rules are the rules. Sounds like you’re trying to fool everyone.


These companies represent all the tradesmen who studied their trade for decades and completed their licensing requirements, sacrificed for years, and face heavy industry regulations and insurance requirements. It takes as long to become a licensed plumber as it does to become a doctor.

Then they open their businesses and have high hopes of success and expectations that the customers will appreciate their skill and value their help in their time of crisis and need. Their hopes are dashed when they find out how little their skills and investments of time, extremely hard work, and loads of money are esteemed. Homeowners don’t want to pay for help in the service industry, and somehow expect everything to be sold to them at cost. They try to cheat and beat the contractors at every turn, maybe because they have once hired someone who made money off them in the past.

There is such an atmosphere of distrust between the customers and the contractors and vise versa, aside from Home warranties. The prices of everything in the country would not be so over-inflated if the regulations we’d not as stringent to become licensed. But then customers would surely complain about the lack of skill and accreditation. Does anyone complain that a doctor lives in too nice a house, or that he makes too much money or drives too nice a car?

For some reason, people expect the HVAC company owner to drive a worn out truck and live in a trailer. People have no respect for a blue collar entrepreneur who is hard working in the trades, who fixes their *** So cheapskate customers would rather give their money to a corporate insurance company like AHS so they don’t have to pay what they know the jobs are worth. They are just as much to blame as AHS for their own situation. Do you try to seek out a cut-rate doctor, restaurant, hairdresser, etc?

Going through a home warranty for your basic comfort needs in your home flies in the face of good sense when it comes to quality. If only customers valued quality half as much as they value “a great deal”. AHS contractors didn’t make up the rules. AHS is not going to change.

Complaints are useless. Getting rid of all the current AHS contractors in exchange for new ones is not going to fix the problem. As you can see by looking at the dates of all these complaints dating back 10 years, it is not a new problem. It is not a regiona problem.

It’s not even an AHS-only problem. All warranty companies are just trying to cheat everyone, mostly the contractors!

The warranty company doesn’t care who the contractors are. Just like their customers, everyone is disposable to them.




I am a contractor in Illinois and have had nothing but good experiences with AHS. Have been with them for over 4 years now.

They now allow us to get authorizations via their website (contractors portal). I have found that at times the parts department is a tad slow however for at least 75% of the time, they allow us to provide the parts. I do go the extra mile and make sure the homeowner is kept informed and I found this stopped customers from being upset with us do to AHS taking a bit longer to get us the necessary parts. I have had very few homeowners denied and the ones that were denied AHS was in the right.

Not sure if it's the difference in states or what but AHS has made a huge difference for us. Our customer list has grown ever year due to their customers using us as their contractor for other work.


No, this is correct. Only when they started this contractors portal, we are electrical contractors, they stall when getting an authorization number.

They guys on in the field. Now, they owe us in an excess of $10,000 which they claim is because they don't have the dispatch number for them. One thing after another. I have to find someone in Colorado, another contractor to start a class action suit.

I am going to start calling the customers, who by the way used to give us the copay, now they are required to pay it through the portal? So they are taking money that belongs to us as well~~ Colorado


Bs. They pay me daily if I submit the invoices daily.


I am a California attorney looking into a class action against American Home Shield for deceptive and unfair business practices, among other things.If you are a frustrated contractor (ideally from California) and would like to share your experience about the denial process and how denials are encouraged, please call me at 760-227-7720 or email chris@ridgewaylawfirm.com.


I am a HVAC Contractor in Alabama who has worked for AHS for 2yrs., everything you say is the truth. They owe me over $3000 dollars for work performed,and parts I purchased. Just found out the BBB is no help, I am pissed, and disgusted with their ***!



My name is Conor Winters, I'm a journalist with a publication called The Capitol Forum. I'm trying to get a better sense of how American Home Shield works with its contractors. If you're a contractor and would like to share your experience, please e-mail me at cwinters@thecapitolforum.com.

Thanks so much.


We are a company located in the the San Francisco Bay Area and we also serviced "AHS Planholders" The contracts are a worthless scam! The try to place all expenses associated with the work orders called in by there "planholders" on there customer, "The Planholder" The authorizations department representatives routinely go to what I call there (Book of Exclusions)to find any reason they can to deny any and all claims for service.

Once your able to get past this point in the process of getting them to accept responsibility for the items there realtors are hocking policies on, they cover a small fraction of the expense and require there "planholders" to cover the balance! Long story short they are a Shady Bunch of Redneck Hillbillies, No disrespect intended to all you fine upstanding Redneck Hillbillies out there... In three words for all you "Planholders" CLASS ACTION LITIGATION!

The only reason they settled was for the simple fact that they were guilty of perpetrating the actions as alleged in the varies suits filed! :roll


My direct dissatisfaction is with the Contractor "Bailey's" who has directly lied to me (on three occasions, caught on tape) and admitted to this to the AHS representative who called him for me. My AC and Freezer have been out since May 28th 2013. We are now 23 August 2013 and I still do not have either one fixed. They have been out for my AC unit 7 times now (one of the techs straight admitted to me that he had no idea what was wrong but hopefully adding the Freon, that I paid for, would work; IT DIDN'T) and they have now been out to my house 4 times for the Freezer/Fridge, they finally found that it was the compressor. AHS tracked it down and found out that the contractor received and signed for it 2 days prior to my call to them. I called to ask them if the part was in and he put me on hold for 10 minutes just to tell me that the part was not in and would not be in for another 9 days according to the tracking, so they scheduled me for the day after they expecting to receive it, 10 days later. I just called them asking for an early appointment for installation as they already had the part and the gentlemen rudely informed me that was the earliest date he had, so I MUST wait and I have no other option but to feel violated by this so called businessman. I work for the human resource department for the military on a local installation, I put this company on our beware list for all in processing Soldier's and will disseminate this down to every company commander to make their soldier's aware of the possible incompetency of this contractor. I am a mother of 3 small children and to go through the entire summer with no AC is simply ridiculous. We had our home built just 6 years ago and the great job that the builder did with our insulation is probably the only thing that is helping us stay a little cool in 98 degree weather. My husband would rather just pay to get someone else out but after the money already invested with this contractor would be a financial burden that I am not willing to undergo. Such a shame that this contractor feels it is okay to lie and cheat people. Most people that I share my story with say that I am to nice of a person and that they are simply walking all over me, but I am getting TIRED, AND HOT!!!



You get what you pay for cheap ***


I am a contractor. When we worked for AHS, we had an agreement that we would bill them at an average rate per service call.

So basically, it is the contractors who are insuring the home owners. To make matters worse, they started adding more coverage options to their policies. Some policies covered code violations, permit fees and other items that were previously not under warranty. As a contractor, we never knew what we were in for.

There is also a great amount of administrative burden that has been placed on contractors in recent years. All this with no additional compensation to the contractors.

The most successful contractors working for AHS are the ones that make short term repairs, fabricate reasons for service denials, hire incompetent technicians and sell unnecessary parts or services to the homeowner.

If they were a publicly traded company, I would invest in them because they must be raking in the dough. But as a contractor, I will not sully my reputation by working for them.


Im also a Ahs vendor, we have been with them for several years. I don't understand how the keep covering more thing in the house and gas prices have gone up, price on water heaters and parts have gone up but they want my price per call to stay the same. Has any one ever been able to get more money out of American home shield for price per call??


I am also a contractor for AHS. I really enjoy working for AHS, they are a great way to start your business and they do pay decent and they also give you pleanty of work.

However, they are a great company, but their Memphis office employees are just rude and they just don't care. i told my contractor relations that AHS brings out the worse in people like their customers. In my experience the customer's unit is just junk and they should be replaced and they are too cheap to do replace the unit, so they take out a home warranty policy and exoaect AHS to replace it. AHS customers are rude as ***, they don't appreciate anything that you do for them, they always want something for nothing, and I have a very hard time selling them a preventive maintenance; majority of the units never had any maintenance done and they *** and complain because they get turned down for a repair because the unit has not been maintaineed.

The AHS customer's think if they spend five hundred dollars a year on their home warranty, they exppect AHS to spend five thousand dollars for a new unit.



Note to self: Do not deal with companies like this one.

People pay for insurance to keep from having to pay large expenses for repairs. If you have a problem with us go work for another company.


You represent about 98% of AHS contractors, who are full of themselves *** who can't pull more than a 2 star rating on AHS. The only reason why you work with AHS is cuz no one will hire you otherwise.

And it helps AHS cuz you help them scam their customers. AHS's m.o is to deny service after their ''trusted'' contractors come out to ''verify'' that your unit was in bad shape due to lack of maintenance, hence deny of claim. WORST.

COMPANY. EVER with even WORST contractors ever.


I do hvac work for a living, I'm not connected in anyway to AHS, I'm just on here doing some research..both of you are right, most people think thier slick and try to screw over the insurance company but they do this for a living so your just going to give yourself a headache because your so cheap.. on the other hand AHS does sell you a huge pipe dream with what they say they will do but actually don't..

for instance you don't know how many calls I go on and the job was repaired by an AHS contractor and it looks so bad, I don't really blame the contractor, it's AHS trying to save a few bucks..

it's a numbers game that the customer will always get screwed on but thinks they are so smart.. really your just an idiot and AHS probably has a dream team of lawyers that have crossed all thier Ts and dotted all i's..


Right you are—been on both sides, home warranty service tech and non. Nobody values good wuaity work enough to pay what it costs these days.

I get it, inflation, and highly regulated industry requirements (licensing, business insurances, payroll taxes, etc) makes just about everything unaffordable in modern life. Everybody trying to cheat each other or make someone else suffer. Except in home warranty work it’s a Circlejerk with at least 3 participants, all trying to outscrw the others. AHS will never lose because it’s their game, so that leaves the contractors and the customers to fight amongst each other.

The AHS attorneys and masterminds behind the game are always one step ahead and they adapt the rules constantly to their advantage. The customers need to stop trying to make AHS do right and leave them. Realtors need to make sellers negotiate repairs without home warranty companies as a factor. It bites them on the behind when the newly sold home has a breakdown and then they call their sales rep and force the contractor to eat more losses— because AHS surely doesn’t pay for it.

It makes the realtor look like such a jerk but they don’t care as long as their clients don’t have to pay. It’s just so wrong and backwards.

Techs work hard as heck and they didn’t study a trade for 15 years to be cheated. It causes a loss of faith in humanity.


:( well, Ive tried calling the president of AHS, our contractor relations rep, and no luck!!! maybe they will respond after our atty gets in touch with them!!!

HVAC in Kentucky,I would really like to talk with you about how tey "dropped" you. heatingandairlady@gmail.com

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