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On June 8 I renewed my contract by credit card in the amount of $575 - the amount given to me as the

full annual contract. On June 9 you put through another charge for $175 without my permission.

Today- August 8 - I received a bill for another $175. I do not owe you this money - nor do I have an hour to wait on line to speak with someone in the Philippines who will tell me that they understand my credit is important to me and then do nothing. Is this a huge scam? Next step BBB.

Please clear this up and notify me in writing that my account has a zero balance and is paid for the year.

DONOT SEND ME ANYMORE BILLS OR I WILL CANCEL MY CONTRACT IMMEDIATELY. I am 80 years old and have never in all my years had such unsatisfactory service.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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I don't know if you can access your account online at their website, but if you can, check and ensure the $575 charge has been posted. If so, or if you cannot access your account, then just dispute the charge with the card issuer and provide your reason for doing so.

You will eventually get a response from AHS and you can go from there. This is a good example of why people should never, ever use a debit card online---pretty-much anywhere else. You still have your money and can dispute any problems with billing.

Apparently, AHS has terrible customer service if they put you on hold for long periods. Probably should re-consider contracting with them and just saving your money for when something breaks in the home.

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