Due to improper installation of our hot water heater (it’s not even up to code) by one of Your Repair Personnel, our hot water heater has stopped working and your service people will not expedite the matter, which since it’s a Friday, means we probably won’t have it working until Wed - Friday of next week - which is completely unacceptable. I am fully prepared to take this matter much further, in fact since I will have the whole weekend now to do so, I will be filing complaints to all offices possible. As A Realtor I now see why AHS is struggling.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My hot water heaters have been out for two weeks and they still won't put me through to authorizations to get this done. I have been on the phone for 9 hours trying to get through to someone and I amstill being jerked around. NEVER GO WITH THIS COMPANY>>>>>>>>


I too am VERY DISSATISFIED with AHS. I was charged $500 for a year & the one and only time I requested their help it was denied.

Anyone considering signing up with this company it’s best you throw your money to the wind.

This company isn’t worthy to have the name AMERICAN!!!!! Shame on you for shabby unworthy work ethics...


Dear realtor: I’m getting my information first hand, as an AHS Preferred contractor. I can show you the check stubs from AHS.

All AHS calls pay the same, even if the customer misses the appointment, or the entire claim is denied, and even if parts are purchased by the contractor and hours of labor provided.

They mandate a fixed flat rate per call, and that’s for the whole job. Not just the service call.


further explanation of the AHS authorization process: following a service call, the contractor’s office calls in to AHS authorizations department with the requested repair and the amount they want to charge for it. The only problem for the contractor is the AHS contractor relations department: if they bill AHS more than the set target cost per claim, it is game over for that contractor.

The set target amount to be billed is the sacred “average cost per claim”, which is up to the gods in the contractor relations department. They have the power to force the contractor to work for AHS for free, under threat of being kicked out of the vendor list. Since all preferred contractors on the AHS list have a spoiled reputation, due to sacrificing their reputation in order to satisfy contractor relation’s demands, being cut off from AHS is the end of the line. The trick is making money working for AHS.

It can be done, as long as the customer is over-charged on non-covered items whenever possible, as the contract allows; and as long as there are ample denials coming through to offset the huge expenditures that occur from time to time out of the CONTRACTOR’s pocket. Not that AHS is paying for the expenditures, even if they have been “authorized”. The contractor doesn’t actually collect the money. They chalk it up as a cost of doing business with AHS and try to remain on the short list of contractors AHS uses.

Ever wonder why they don’t have many plumbers/electricians/appliance repairmen/HVAC companies to choose from? COST CONTROL is the answer. AHS is funneling all service requests to the contractors that understand how the game is REALLY played. You would do the same thing, in their shoes.

In fact, by choosing a home warranty, you are doing exactly that: funneling your requests for service at your home to the cheapest provider possible.

Don’t even try to convince me that you value quality workmanship in a timely fashion, because that *** is available at a much higher price point. You want to keep your money for entertainment or lifestyle or whatever you actualy value, and stiff the local service providers who are waiting to serve you.


If you worked/work with them, that says a lot about you and your company. They have low rated companies working for them unfortunately, I’m sure do to their pay scale.

Wouldn’t it better your time however, to promote your services and such on the Internet vs spending so much time on here? I’m surprised anyone would stay and pay just to work with AHS?

Why? Sounds like it costs way more than it’s worth.


There are not enough customers willing/able to pay what it costs for home repairs, and somebody has to service the home warranty policies, dont they? It seems everyone has a home warranty now, because they believe the false promises. If home warranties didn’t keep the premiums for themselves, and actually PAID for the work and the parts/appliances they were covering, instead of financially strangling the contractors, there would be few complaints against home warranty companies.


I’m hoping to enlighten home warranty customers as to WHY the service is so bad amongst home warranty vendors, and WHY reality will never meet customers’ expectations and the false promises made by ANY home warranty. Hopefully, some light will be shed on how the home warranty sausage is made, from home warranty contractors’ perspective.

Realtors need to be aware that what they are selling/promoting/using/giving is totally bogus, and the bottom line is AHS greed and contractor abuse. AHS is never going to admit this, and neither are the contractors, but read the complaints and on each one, consider the ramifications of contractor slavery, price fixing, and complete dependency on home warranty work for a business model, and it should make sense. The contractors cannot offer fair and reasonable work to the AHS homeowners or to AHS, because they would not be network providers if they did. Moreover, a company cannot serve AHS and the local public under the same name.

The home warranty game is much too crooked for a business to survive servicing both markets. There are so many home warranty companies and millions of warranty service requests out there, and some contractor will be recruited to do them. Of course if they told the truth about how it operates, nobody would go down that path. They’ll never tell the truth.

They lure a business in with volume, and as they become become dependent on the low profit, high volume calls, AHS tightens the noose on the contractor, working them harder and harder for less and less money. Then they tell the contractor: this is what we want to pay per call, and we will give you 10,000 calls per year. It’s up to the contractor to take that or go under. Can’t go back, and there are other home warranty companies to run through, and they al do the same thing.

Some more blatantly than others. Buyer beware


They have missed your dead line for repair. Customer service should have assigned you another company.

If you r paying for your warranty for the future of yyour hvac you will have a hard time getting them to replace it. I was a customer for 12 years and had a terrible time jumping through hoops to get it replaced. Then they dropped me. I suggest going with another company.

I hear Old Colony is a good Warranty company.

They will pay for the small stuff American Home Shield Will. But you can forget about the high dollar into stuff


Old Repubic, you mean? All home warranties are scams, regardless of which company.

They don’t pay the contractor.

The contractor has to do the work for free in order to get the opportunity to scam the customers. Believe it or don’t.


Old Republic is a horrible company as well. Still can't see how they scam the customer, because under the Warranty Contract it details what is to be paid and what is not to be paid by them.

Customers who can read, shouldn't have to negotiate anything with a contractor. And, Realtors use Home Warranty Companies to limit repair liability, making the buyer(s) feel covered in case of an incident occurring shortly after purchase of a home, not limits to price negotiation, that is a complete nutty statement.


I know from PERSONAL experience that sellers use the home warranty to maintain the sales price and limit the price negotiations prior to closing. It’s an enhancement added to sweeten the deal, making the homebuyer feel at ease about aging systems and appliances, INSTEAD of asking for new ones, or an allowance off the sales price to accommodate replacement.

In fact, a high percentage of new service requests from AHS customers would STATE that the house had concerns with this or that from the start, and that the realtors told them not to worry, it would be replaced by AHS as soon as they called in a request. Man, are they disappointed to find out that’s not going to happen. Then the realtors get involved and it turns into a huge mess for everyone. The realtors should be held liable for making up bs like that.

I advise everyone shopping for a home to refuse a home warranty if offered, and negotiate the price of the house down to cover replacement costs of the biggest/oldest systems that are of concern.

The realtors risk their own reputations throwing in these bs plans instead of doing their work to get the price in the right place. This coverage is *** and they know it.


As a realtor, you probably are aware that home warranties are only intended to limit price negotiations between a buyer and seller, so that the realtors can maintain the sales price, and thus, their commissions. The actual repair work is not paid for by AHS, but rather, the contractors themselves.

AHS and all home warranties only pay the plumber $150 for each claim, and it’s up to them to get the problem resolved, get it denied, or split the cost with the home owner, if there are non-covereds.

Home warranties in general are completely worthless, and a total scam. As a realtor, you probably already know that, but think you deserve special treatment.


This is not true, but sure where you are getting your information from, but you might wish to your homework better. This is inclusive on the Realtor sales portion - wrong information.

And we have had washers replaced, the hot water heater replaced etc and we did NOT split the cost with the plumber. Your information is completely incorrect, but thanks for playing.


If you got free stuff from a home warranty company, the contractor paid for it, believe me. Bad luck, drawing a realtor.

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