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I accidentally clicked on "***" one time because I thought there were comments to read as to why some think the comments below are ***; must be AHS employees.

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I think a Class Action Suit is way past due for this shady company!! Don't even waste your time checking the BBB (Better Business Bureau) because they have an A+ rating there.

I learned long time ago not to check BBB because businesses pay to be listed there. American Home Shield is a first-class, #1 Crooked Business from top-to-bottom. Their reviews have been negative for years, yet we continue to purchase their warranty, HOPING! Hoping that we will get better service than what is stated on the reviews.

And then there are our REAL ESTATE AGENTS who give it to us as a closing gift or encourage us to purchase it because they are getting a commission on that too; or shall I call it "kickback." You will just about have a heart attack, if not have one, trying to deal with American Home Shield.

I have decided that it is NOT worth it after having a warranty for 3 years. Don't trust anyone in that company, ANYONE!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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I've been fooling with these crooks for a solid year trying to get my air conditioner fixed and I live in SE GA! Not good business! I've called repeatedly and my next call will be to the BBB!


I have had this company for 2 years have had 1 issue bewbewfore now they just denied me coverage on a natural gas line. My final cost 3700.00.

Pissed beyond belief. Amfiling a complaint against them with State Inaurance board.


Class Action lawsuit did I read? IM IN!!!

15 Days without AC in Vegas...its 110+++ here. Not getting anywhere




I am a Real Estate Agent, and would not recommend AHS due to the problems we have personally had. In some situations they work out ok, but if there is ever a discrepancy, AHS becomes impossible to communicate with.


yes I'm in for a class action against this no good company


Read your contract. It prohibits dispute resolution through class action lawsuits and mandates arbitration.


Don't agree with you, have had success with them. Sorry you have not.


Agreed. Class Action Lawsuit.

I could go on and on..about mistakes (saying that at in-laws unit is covered, via email, so I have their contact) then denying it because its in-laws. OR sending a TERRIBLE Plumbing company who DID secondary damage worth $1400 damage, but they won't cover it, because its secondary DAMAGE.

I def. agree...


Yes I agree. AHS has been evasive and neglectful of us.

When our fridge went out they sent a shady character to look at it. After he left we looked him up online and found mugshots and arrest records. It has been 5 weeks and they still have not fixed or replaced our broken refrigerator. They say they'll call back and don't.

If one person tells us something hopeful, the next person say's there's no record of that call. So far it is all a big run-around.

These people are horrible.


I have had this home warranty paln for over 13 years. I had never used this plan, paying $475.00 per year, and last year my air conditioner went out.

It took them 8 times sending some "Mickey Mouse Companies" to my home and it still nexer got fixed. I was charged first $60 for a service call, then $65.00 and finally $75.00 for each service call. I was then told if my air conditioner went out and had to be replaced they would only pay $200.00. This is a joke....I had paid enough to AHS to put in two air conditioners, which I looked at my original hand book and it stated they would "replace".

As of two yers ago "OH NO" they will pay $200.00. Then I needed my water heater replaced and it was going to cost out-of-pocket (throught AHS) $1,600.00, plus my two service calls, plus having somone remove the old one. I knen then this was a joke for a company. I called a reliable company on my own, they came out and the total cost was $1,000.00.

This was under code by the state, they purhased and installed the new water hearter, carried the old one away and cleaned up in my basement. You would have never known anyone was there. After spending two different summers in my home with my air condition out and my home inside was over 108 degrees I dropped this company.

They are a joke and I could have saved all the money I spent over the years with them and built onto my home, repaired my unit and water heater and had money left over. DO NOT be "SUCKERED" in by these people.


Hi sugar. I am currently having quite a time with AHS.

I am exploring all of my options right now and would really like to talk with people with similar problems with them.


Ahs stated today that they are not responsible if the contractor put in something that needs modifications, even though there was available appliances that would work without modifications. I can sue the contractor but they are not liable.


Read this from a contractor; I believe every word of it because this would happen when a contractor was at my home. I thought this would copy so you could click on it.

It is on this page under "Recently discussed." After trying to submit with a link I see that no links are allowed.

The contractor wrote (and more): AHS Contractor just upset as customers!


BTW, when you call AHS for a service call the phone is answered by people who are in their homes with a computer and take calls for AHS and other companies. They have been taught how to respond to your call. Ever notice how long it takes when you ask to speak to a supervisor?


clicked on "***" accidentally; thought it was to read the comments by those who think this is "BS."


I have read many of the complaints, while getting ready to go after AHS my self. I find most do not back up their complaints with a local engineer/Code violations report.

Then take AHS to your local small claims court where it's just you, AHS and the judge. Hopefully the judge is somewhat on your side being the local.

I would highly suggest you get an engineer or a local highly rated company to review the install of your A/C unit(s) to see if they were install correctly and by your area code. I feel a Class action suit for improperly installed equipment should be charged against AHS.

It's AHS's own fault due to they don't double check the tech's they use for quality assurance. This is bigger than most folks think cause their mistakes could have caused fires and premature failure of the new equipment installed.



Cory S. Fein

Caddell & Chapman

Houston, Texas

Caddell & Chapman is pursuing a class action against American Home Shield involving improper claims that an air conditioner must be “brought up to code” at the customer’s expense before American Home Shield will provide a repair. If you would like to discuss your situation with an attorney, you may contact Cory Fein at 713.751.0400 or


I rec'd my new contract and there are a LOT of changes!! There is also something related to class action suits; probably since there have been several recently.

After reading the post re attempting to cancel a contract, I immediately called my credit card company.

I have decided that I have had enough stressful interaction with AHS and it is not worth my health. This past year they have found ways to collect more money beyond the service charge.


I have effectively cancelled my contract as of January 2012. I was proactive and contacted my credit card company, who said they had to hear from AHS.

I had sent an email (copy to self) to AHS and rec'd a reply acknowledging that they would cancel contract. I continued to check with credit card company to see if they had received cancellation from AHS and told them why I wanted to cancel and that if they paid AHS they would consider that renewal of my contract. AHS called me two separate times to say that my credit card must have expired because they were unable to receive payment. I told them on the 1st call that I had written to them to cancel and rec'd the 2nd call and had to say the same thing.

Even after I had written to AHS they still tried to receive payment through my credit card. I'm thinking the credit card company refused to pay after noting my several telephone calls to them about not paying AHS. This is a good reason why it is best not to have direct bill payment from a credit card or your bank, but it is not always easy to discontinue payments to AHS.

I am happy to be free of them and my life should be so much less stressful now. Good luck to all of you in dealing with them.

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