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I have been a loyal customer of AHS for over 15 years. I am a single woman and kept the insurance after I purchased my current home.

While there have been a few large ticket items that they finally acquiesced to replace- overall all the complaints that customers have made over time remain the same. No customer service, poor reliability, no accountability for their service providers and breach of contract. I am writing this post on Oct. 30, 2017 as I believe the only way to make the thousands, if not tens of thousands of complaints heard is through a serious, class-action suit against Service Master, the corporation that now owns AHS.

This is fraud, beach of contract, false advertising and misfeasance. To make this real, I would need *** Consumers to sign up before being able to retain a law firm to represent this suit.

Please post your support or recommend another way to initiate this class action. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Hold time was greater than 30 minutes to talk to a person, Dishonest contractors, Lack of qualified service contractors, Long wait time to speak to supervisor, Lack of availability of staff.

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I will be part of the lawsuit if I could get the information for it.


How can I join the lawsuit?


I want to be apart of lawsuit!!!


AHS is still the same! Poor customer service, wait time on the phone to get a supervisor is horrific!

the service contractors sent out are dishonest and do a half @@@ job! I will never invest in this company again!


Sounds like we need to find an attorney to start class action suit. We have been a coustomer for 10 yrs.

they charged a service fee of 75 and leaking pipe was not repaired. It was clamped off my our ins company. No contractor of theirs will touch it. The plumbers are listing this as unrepairable.

So over 11k bill summoned to AHS and they want to pay only 1k dollars. This is a historical home and completely restorated. We have horse hair plaster and it was built in 1881. It’s 3 stories and all the pipes are copper.

With the bids from their plumbers it does not include any drywall repairs! We have had many problems.

We were without an oven for 2 months during the holidays! This company is a scam!!

to TightBlackbird519 #1703012

Sounds like your house is due for a complete re-plumb, or a wrecking ball. Don’t use a home warranty.

Hire a licensed plumber of your own and forget home warranty companies exist. They are all scams. Obviously, horsehair plaster is not going to be covered by a home warranty. That is ridiculous.

There is no way to insure and warranty horsehair plaster. What will a lawsuit accomplish? They aren’t going to pay for your problems. The most they’ll do is force one of their contracted slave plumbers to do the work for free, but it will cost AHS NOTHING.

Your home will NEVER be the same after they get ahold of it, so keep them out of it. Pay for it yourself.


I would like to add that I have four calls into AHS for a refrigerator that has had multiple issues. After 2 years of monthly payments, and $400 in deductibles, not a single issue has been fixed.

This service and experience has been the absolute worst customer experience I have ever had in my life. I would not provide or recommend this company to my worst enemy.

I am currently on the phone battling to get my appliances repaired/replaced and I really do not think this task should be this difficult. TERRIBLE (-5 stars)

to Anonymous #1704697

HORRIBLE company and I was with for over 10yrs ..


I would like to join the lawsuit


How do you join the suit?


I quit AHS today after 2 hours total and 4 calls to them. I was lied to, hung up on, transferred to a plumbing company.

A rep told me she was a supervisor, another rep said a certain company would respond, then sent my info to a different company. Incompetent and reps don’t fully understand


I would like to join this lawsuit


When the proposed class action suit will be made ? 2018 or 2019. Please advise wanted to join the group of disgruntled customer of AHS because of poor service, no refunds and denials of payments

to PlayfulWelshCorgi689 #1682013

They are the worst...I had a water heater replaced 17 months ago and it went out again. They sent a fumble for $75.

He said it was a pressure issue and fixed a pipe. The screeching sound went away expect when we turned on the hot water. He had to call the company that took a week and then the plumber said it would be $700.00 to replace the water heater that was under warranty. I asked what the prices were for and all the items I already had.

He said he would not come if I did not buy new items we was selling. these items he was charging 4X what they would cost at Loews. He said I had to pay it or he would not install the water heater. Two weeks later the water heater was installed and I had to pay $700.00.

I have been paying for AHS for over 6 years and now this. I asked them what to do and they said they are not in charge of plumber and that if I would like another plumber to come out it would cost me another $75.


I would love to join as well. I have documented all the violations of the contracts. (I will be pursuing it legally.

to Anonymous #1672944

They have more lawyers than you, so......


I would like to join the class action suit


After I cancelled them for Poor Service and 45 minutes hold time. They refused to return my 325.00 Refund ..


Hey guys, try going onto AHS’s Official Facebook page, tell them briefly what is wrong, and let them know that you will be joining the pending class action lawsuit against them. You may get a response.

I got a call from someone in their social media department today after posting on their page last night. I am talking with one of the attorneys today who will be filing the class action.

If you are interested in joining, in search for the Facebook group class action lawsuit against AHS and join up. There’s also AHS contact information posted on that Facebook group.

to QuirkyAkbash708 #1667309

did anyone file a class action suit against this horrible company????

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