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I have been a loyal customer of AHS for over 15 years. I am a single woman and kept the insurance after I purchased my current home.

While there have been a few large ticket items that they finally acquiesced to replace- overall all the complaints that customers have made over time remain the same. No customer service, poor reliability, no accountability for their service providers and breach of contract. I am writing this post on Oct. 30, 2017 as I believe the only way to make the thousands, if not tens of thousands of complaints heard is through a serious, class-action suit against Service Master, the corporation that now owns AHS.

This is fraud, beach of contract, false advertising and misfeasance. To make this real, I would need *** Consumers to sign up before being able to retain a law firm to represent this suit.

Please post your support or recommend another way to initiate this class action. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Hold time was greater than 30 minutes to talk to a person, Dishonest contractors, Lack of qualified service contractors, Long wait time to speak to supervisor, Lack of availability of staff.

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I am selling my home, and will keep a home warranty for my buyer, BUT it will not be AHS. AHS is the ultimate company for unprofessionalism, fraud, could care less, and the list goes on. If you purchase this Warranty, you will be sorry.

I never write reviews, BUT this is a MUST. NEVER AGAIN will I use this company, and I will be sure to let my family and friends know as well.


I have had a horrible experience with American Home Shield. I would like to join the class action lawsuit. How do I sign up?


I too have been victimized by American Home Shield. They send dishonest contractors out to attempt to perform the work and do repairs.

the repairs are. It done they always have to get a part or something is not covered. The contractors call back to the main AHS office and are told to tell the customer the service is not covered. Additional payments are required before work can be done when you’ve already paid them monthly fees as well as a service call fee.

You have to pay all additional fees to the contractor and you can’t pay them locally.

The address online is not current... How do I join the Class Action ????




In my case, they have broken my contract several times. This company is a complete fraud that preys on consumers and in every case has not done what is promised.

As I am writing this, I have also received confirmation from 3 different supervisors that they owe me my deductible back and the refund will be processed in 1 - 3 days.

6 weeks have now gone by, over 12 hours of combined hold times and I am done. Let's take them down.


I agree with every negative comment posted about AHS. The customer service is poor, incompetent contractors, dishonest.They should be sued and shut down. I was treated very unfair and dirty.They find every reason in the book not to satisfy the paying customer.Very disappointed,closed the account as soon as I could.


I can attest to the customer service representatives not being knowledgeable when asked specific questions regarding my contract. These are questions they should know the answer to -but they do not. Long wait time for supervisor who never came to the phone.


Count me in. I have had it with these clowns.

I was told by a former contractor that the only way they make money from AHS is on very small jobs or from turning down the repair for some trumped up reason. In the worst case we had an electrician come out (after multiple rounds of not-my-problem) and even after I told him that even I thought he was making a mistake to which he assured me I didn't know what I was talking about, our house caught fire. Thankfully, it happened at the outside junction box for our AC and my wife was able to get a fire extinguisher on it until the FD came and put it out so our house did not burn down. Did they take any kind of responsibility?

Not one bit.

I've been paying them for so long that I needed to wait until after our very old AC unit finally goes out before I can afford to jump ship. In the meantime, I'm videotaping every interaction for my records.


Two weeks air conditioning is out durning hot summer in FL with no help from this company! I have had them for years!

Person came out and ordered wrong part and still didn't send it or come out to fix! Tried calling both American home shield in their air-conditioning company who has done nothing ! On the phone for hours days at a time!

No supervisor and they hang up on you or they act like they can't hear you after you've waited for an hour on the phone ! They totally lied on the sides they need to be sued !


I keep telling everyone they are crooks.find a better home warranty company like HWA I do work for them and they treat everyone great.i did work for AHS last year and they would rip customers off and I wanted nothing to do with it


I'd like to find out how to be involved in this. I have been told for weeks that I will receive a reimbursement for their failure to charge my account after I specifically told them I was going to pay the service fee using a different method of payment.they ended up putting me in overdraft which at this point a month later has officially caused a domino effect on my household and financial situation.

I have spoken on the phone with them multiple times and as of Wednesday I have written them on Facebook.

After telling me then that my request has been forwarded to a payment specialist, I have since then been ignored when requesting updates on my reimbursement. I can either join in on this I can file small claims but something's gotta give here!


They are the worst !!!


Are you still working on this they are still scamming away. I have video proof!


Me: "You sent a contractor to my house who obviously must have not been experienced because my electric bill was more than $3500 for 2 months. My home is 1800 sq.ft.

It's now been 5 months of trying to get a hold of the right person at your company. Who can help settle this situation? Nothing has been done! No one wants to take the responsibility to look into this matter!

I have ALL the proof that it was the CONTRACTORS FAULT." AHS Costumer Service: "I apologize for this and I completely understand how frustrating this must be for you. Let me have one of my supervisors call you back within the next few minutes" (1 week later) Me calling back (after a long exhausting week of work): "Hello, No one has called me back. Let me speak to someone in your investigation department." AHS Customer service: "I apologize for your frustration and I completely understand. Have you tried calling your electric company about this issue?" Me: " Are you kidding me?

The contractor you sent over is the reason the bill is so high! This has nothing to do with the electric company. AHS: I completely understand. I'll have one of my managers call you soon.

and we still haven't resolved anything... To Be Continued.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHOM do I send a complaint to? This company is such a headache and I don't wish this to anyone.

Its literally the worst company I've ever dealt with. I'm located in Las Vegas, NV.


A_chard1122@yahoo.com. #234514972 Please count us in.

Original service request date was 6/19/19 for Central a/c. AHS had no problem taking our $75.00 service fee. The first 3 contractors they assigned I was able to speak to and they rejected the jobs saying they told AHS repeatedly to stop sending them jobs that they were no longer working with the company due to AHS not paying their bills. Fast forward 7/30/1/19 still a broken a/c, no contractor.

AHS says they can't find anyone and wants to give prior authorization for us to get outside service to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed. .....um....I think not.. THEY DON'T PAY BILLS. We paid upfront for a 2 year contract with the purchase of our home.

We should not have to pay more and get stuck. And get this....

They want to keep the $75.00 service call out fee of which they could not provide!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!


Same here!!! Here is my story: Customer for 5 years, paying every month.

They have legit maybe helped twice with small stuff (garbage disposal and toilet) but even then you have to pay that $75 contactor fee and I doubt it was worth it. They screwed me over in 2015 with our water heater which was leaking and needed to be replaced. It leaked onto my carpet for weeks due to their slow response time and we are now concerned about mold. The company they hired to replace the water heater tore out our attic stairs and never replaced them.

We ended up paying $385 out of pocket. This time our AC goes out in South Mississippi. Over 90 degrees in this house for days because they contract a company over an hour away who recommends replacement (after paying the $75). I know it needs to be replaced because we have had AHS send someone out 4 times to fix it (and obviously it is just a temporary fix each time even though this has cost us $300 in contractors fee each time).

So, AHS calls the next day (August 1st) to tell me it will cost over $2,000 out of pocket! By this time we have already had to invest in a window unit just to make the house livable. Yesterday, for example, the real feel was over 100 degrees. The list of the charges is just ridiculous and I have the voice mail to prove it.

Of course this is not going to work! My husband and I are both teachers in the lowest-paying state in the country for crying out loud.

They tell us we can get our own contractor but will not know how much we will be reimbursed until after the repairs. Seriously AHS??


Unbelievable... you definitely have a horror story on your hands.

It seems to be a trend tha AHS is complete garbage. I strongly believe that any first time claims they will cover just to get the customer happy. But any claims that may arise after that would put them in the red. Think about it and do the math.

For instance we paid $2000 for 2 years of coverage with the purchase of our new home in April of 2018. In October of 2018 we had to file a claim on one of our a/c units. Yes we have 2. Final cost to AHS was well over $1000 because the whole unit had to be rebuilt.

So from here on out they are at all cost trying to preserve what is left of the contract so they don't come out in the red.

They are wasting time telling us that they can not find a contractor in our area to come out in Hopes that we either give up or our contact expires. At which point contract closes in the green.


Ahs never goes in the red, but their contractors do. As a contractor, they make us pay for YOUR claims.

If we bill AHS more than the allowed average ticket total, we lose all our future business from them. Therefore, denials are a means of survival for the contractor. Of course, sometimes claims can’t be denied, so the work (the bare minimum) will get done (ever so slowly) for the same amount of money that is charged if the whole claim is denied. That average ticket total is pre-set by AHS and exceeding that will result in certain death for the AHS vendor, who depends upon AHS.

Most of their vendors receive the majority, if not all, of their business, from AHS. Just look at their reviews.


Same scenario!


Same here, no vendor available for nearly 3 weeks. Authorized external contractor, who determined both units needed to be replaced.

They never even acknowledged the report from external contractor and randomly sent their own. Their technician concurred with non-vendor. But AHS claims vendor reported only one was bad and the other simply needs more R22 Freon at $95/lb and they only cover $10/lb. Plus, replacing the one unit would cost me over $1K in uncovered cost to meet state compliance.

My home is less than 15 years old, how out of compliance can it be?

Both coils are clearly shot, more Freon cost them about $50 bucks and kicks the can into next season, but which equates to another year of premium, should I renew. It’s a racket!

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