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I have been a loyal customer of AHS for over 15 years. I am a single woman and kept the insurance after I purchased my current home.

While there have been a few large ticket items that they finally acquiesced to replace- overall all the complaints that customers have made over time remain the same. No customer service, poor reliability, no accountability for their service providers and breach of contract. I am writing this post on Oct. 30, 2017 as I believe the only way to make the thousands, if not tens of thousands of complaints heard is through a serious, class-action suit against Service Master, the corporation that now owns AHS.

This is fraud, beach of contract, false advertising and misfeasance. To make this real, I would need *** Consumers to sign up before being able to retain a law firm to represent this suit.

Please post your support or recommend another way to initiate this class action. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Hold time was greater than 30 minutes to talk to a person, Dishonest contractors, Lack of qualified service contractors, Long wait time to speak to supervisor, Lack of availability of staff.

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Home Shield Customer Service is very bad with the following. No-1 very hard to reach customer service.

No-2 very hard to resolve the issue poor service . No-3 Bad contractor try to rip you off at the time of home service.

No-4 No body follow up example refrigerator issue assign by Home shield to sears service center appointment date three time week a part keep skipping techanician never show up all day waiting , Almost one month is over sitting on the phone waiting & waiting no support keep listening message again again (stay on the line & next will assist you) I am old guy hart pationent do not know what to do how to solve the problem. God Help Me.

to Nuzhat Nafees #1623545

The contractor trying to rip you off? What about the home warranty ripping them off as well as the customer?

AHS does not pay the contractors. The contractors are slaves working for more calls and more service fees. The contractors who are employed by AHS take the blame but all they get out of it is more calls. As long as they appear at all the service calls, they get paid the service fee.

If they can’t squirm out of doing a lot of work for free, or at a very big loss, then they get no more work from AHS, at the same time as they are sacrificing their own reputation and their own business, becoming increasingly dependent on the phone ringing with new AHS work orders. It’s a 3 way circle jerk, with everyone trying to take advantage of someone else.


American Home shield are nothing but liars and crooks run from them


Every -single -time there is a problem it is cruel and unusual punishment just to get them to come take a look at it and fix it. We are paying them to Fix the problem But AHS does everything they can to get out of it.

It is unbelievable that there is a business like this (that is truly this fraudulent) practicing in the USA.

AHS has already loss a Class Action Law Suite, why is No One holding them accountable? Do we need to call the Law Firm that won the last Class Action to see what happens next??

to Winthisone #1607968

I believe they have figured out how to pass the blame to their contractors and dodge legal action. AHS actually does meet the terms, conditions, and exclusions in their contracts, in a vague manner.

Where does the contract promise that their phone wait time will be any certain length? Where does it say that damaged items will be covered? Where does it say that there won’t be any out of pocket expenses for modifications? Where does it say that they have service providers in every trade in every remote town?

Where does it say that parts will be procured from the fastest source? Where does it say that the homeowner gets a say about anything that happens with their own home? All the contractors are expected to do is visit a ton of service calls at $100-200 depending upon which trade they service, and provide all the parts and equipment for that total price. Price fixing maybe?

Forcing AHS to “cover” a repair doesn’t mean AHS is paying for it on your behalf; it means their entrapped contractor has to provide more for the same money the is already getting. That why the service sucks so bad.

That’s what needs to be corrected. It isn’t the contractors’ fault.


I'm in for a Class Action Lawsuit.

to KnownEskimoDog #1607122

The contractors doing the work and not being able to charge AHS should sue AHS. AHS is definitely price fixing.

They declare what the contractor is able to charge them on a flat rate average per call.

regardless of the customers’ needs. That seems illegal.


Stacy W. Is suing AHS going to make AHS pay the contractors to do the work????

If they don’t lift the ban on letting the contractors charge natural rates, it’s not going to fix the problem. AHS “covers” everything. They blame their contractors for not doing a good job. The fact is that they hold the contractors to around $100 max per claim, so that the customer’s service fee pays for the work, and AHS gets to act as middle man.

Really it amounts to the contractors are insuring you, not AHS. They are stuck trying to abide by the policy terms for less than $200 on each house. They look at the average cost per claim: some claims they lose money, some claims they make a little. They try to get to all the homes just to collect the service fee.

There is no incentive to do any work. How can that be fixed?


Gray Matter is wrong. Yes, people need to stop buying their warranties, however, a class action suit hits them in the wallet and that's the only thing big business understands.

They lost a suit a few years back. Perhaps another will seal the casket on them.

I am willing to be a part of the suit. The way I was treated has been criminal.


Customer service hold time is over an hour and they contract with contractors who are not top rated

to Doris #1575280

AHS is NEVER going to change the way they conduct business until people stop buying their policies. A class action suit is not going to help.

The policy terms and conditions are being met, that you agreed to, when you bought the policy. They have lawyers that wrote the terms and conditions, and the authorizations review them with each each claim. Why can’t people just leave them alone and not purchase anything from them?

Wouldn’t that teach them the greatest lesson ever??????? It’s insane the way people want stuff for nothing, and will go to the ends of the earth to save a dime.

to Gray matter #1590575

Patrick Doris maybe right. They need to hire more customer service agents. They don't treat their customers with the importance they should be treated with.

to Patrick #1605812

Poor customer service is not against the law.

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