Colorado Springs, Colorado

Beginning on 8/19 I have had technicians at my home for my microwave/oven combo 9 times. I have had to *** of work for each of these visits and have at least one more to go because my microwave currently has no door.

For each of these problems, there have been at least two visits, one diagnostic and one reparative, and on at least one service request the parts were received broken, requiring a third visit: fan motor making noise, control panel not functioning properly, door switches not registering properly, door not closing properly. Keep in mind, the repair guys have ben super nice, friendly, professional and helpful, and have only done what AHS has instructed them to do. Today, 11/4, I finally called AHS myself to ask for a supervisor to intervene. Olivia in customer "service" told me "That's not going to happen." After 15 minutes on the phone with her, I handed her to the technician who recommended that the appliance not be continued to be repaired, but who admitted that the individual problem was once again repairable.

Olivia said he had to repair it. I requested a supervisor again and was given to Andre, Authorization Supervisor. I explained that I have lost at least a thousand dollars in lost work time and that I was very unhappy with the judgement calls made thus far. He spoke to the technician and even though two of the newly necessary parts are no longer available, Andre instructed the tech that he needed to "do research" to see if there was another part that could be used or if the repair could just be done without the NLA parts.

After talking to me for 7 minutes and having me beg him to stop making me *** work, Andre still did made this judgement call. They've put more into this appliance in time and parts than it would have cost to just call it dead and be done with it. Never mind that if they do just say "replace it" they're only on the hook for a maximum of $3000.

They have treated me terribly and don't give a *** about me as a customer. I will not be renewing my contract with these scheisters.

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