I paid over 36 payments totaling $ 2,160 to be "protected" by American Home Shield. Never filed anything until 2019 when two home issues in the same month.

In month 35, my Air Conditioning went out completely-they wouldn't replace it. Then, within the same month, a pipe in my bathroom burst and flooded my bathroom that extended to most of my home. After paying for a service fee, American Home Shield sent out a contractor, who "diagnosed" but did NOT fix anything. He busted out my tile and left a huge whole in my wall.

He submitted the paperwork to my homeowner's insurance company as leak AND a slab leak, hoping that I would re-plumb my home. However, he then submitted the paperwork to AHS as if he "fixed" my leak, even though HE LEFT ME WITHOUT ANY WATER for 2 days and without HOT WATER FOR 10 DAYS; hired my own plumber to fix what he left broken. 15+calls later (30-55 minutes on the phone each time) to AHS yielded NO help; they closed my file because it was "fixed"- NOT by their plumber but by my own. They didn't care that what the plumber submitted was fraudulent.

THERE IS NO E-MAIL at AHS to contact anyone. NO CUSTOMER COMPLAINT OR GRIEVANCE availability by phone line, e-mail, or even address to contact anyone.

WASTE of $! NEVER again.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Flood Damage Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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AHS did a very similar thing with me. They send Plumbers Inc for repair work.

After 20 days and three holes in the wall, it is still not fixed and I was told this morning that AHS is denying any further work. Is there any class action lawsuit I can join ?


AHS is not a savings account for your home repairs. It is a business, first and foremost.

Like all insurance companies, their main objective isn’t to handle your repairs and minimize YOUR, but rather, to minimize THEIR costs. To ensure the “AHs preferred contractors” don’t forget this objective, the contractors’ work is assigned by the AHS computer algorithm based on lowest average cost per call. For HVAC calls , the contractor’s average cost per claim is around $200 maximum, including the service fee, labor, parts, and new equipment. For plumbing, the average cost per claim is a maximum of $100-150.

How generous of AHS, especially since the customer pays the first $100 as a service fee! If the contractor isn’t getting claim denials, he will be off the preferred vendor list and will receive no more work orders from AHS. He uses AHS more like a client lead service, getting the claim denied, and then offering to do the work on a retail basis. If the claim cannot be denied, then he looks for items outside the warranty coverage, such as freon costs in excess of the covered $10/lb, or modification costs, such as ductwork changes to fit new equipment.

If there are not enough “extra” charges, then the contractor has to absorb the cost himself, chalking it up as a cost of being on the preferred vendor list. Unfortunately for the consumer needing service, this behind-the-scenes game leaves them and their family without service at all.

All home warranties are scams. If you play with snakes, you will get bit.

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