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We purchased our first home in April and our realtor provided one year of American Home Shield Home Warranty. He opted for the "plus" package, I believe because the air conditioning units would be covered as well. Well, last week our dishwasher started leaving a crazy...
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:( I just left messages with all of the above mentioned people. I threatened to call the BBB is they don't cover my claim.

Thanks so much for the numbers!! This company s**ks and they need to own up to what they promise when you sign up!

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Worst customer service ever. | American Home Shield review from Los Angeles, California

Today the day before Thanksgiving my hot water heater rusted out .It was actually rusted out last May when it was serviced for a leak but AH refused to replace it and only allow a half *** fix. So today it broke again . I was told they could have a repairman out on Monday.It did not seem to be a problem to them that I would be without hot water for 6 days at least .Never mind that I will have to repair the drywall and water damage again at my expense 600 bucks last time . Never mind that I could have gone to home depot and replaced it in 3 hours on my own. Has anyone ever not gotten rip-off by these thieves ?
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It seems that you pay for coverage that never seems to be covered. STAY AWAY!!!!


American Homeshield sent a plumber out several times to fix a leak on my hot water pipe under the house. The plumber used “duck tape” to repair the pipe.

Needless to say, the duck tape didn’t fix the leak. However, Mostly all of our walls cracked and our floors buckled causing costly damages to our home. Our children were sick from mold and my family had to go without hot water in very cold weather. We are suing American Homeshield and the plumber for the damages to our home, health, and living conditions.

While American Homeshield tries their best to get out of being responsible for the damages, they also sent us a letter saying that they are not renewing our contract. Oouuuch! Talk about insult to injury. If you are or used to be a customer or contractor I will be very grateful if I can get a statement from you sent to my email

Or call me (251)232-5106. I am especially interested in hearing from any contactors and former American Homeshield employees that can vouch for American Homeshield’s encouragement to make cheap repairs that only puts a temporary band-aid on the problem and their deceptiveness with denying claims that should be covered. Customers that share horror stories like mine and ended up with damage to their homes, I’d love to hear from you as well.

I am not looking for anyone to testify in court, only a true statement. I will also be willing to give my statement to anyone who needs it.


I must have a guardian angel watching over me. I signed up for AHS program and checked the box to have the payment made with my mortgage each month.

I received the invitation to join via an offer with my monthly mortgage through BOA (Bank of America). I was told the first month was free and the billing would show up on my statement in 2 months. It never was added to my monthly mortgage. After spending several hours on the phone with their Customer Service who were not helpful, I went to BOA in person and talked with a CSR there.

She took the info and agreed to get the billing corrected and added to my monthly mortgage payment. This took her 4 hours to do. The next month it was not on the invoice. Once again me and the BOA CSR tried to get them to put the billing on.

They promised it would be there in 2 months. Never showed up. Then 4 months later they send me an invoice saying I owe for 4 months service. I could not reach them by phone, nor would they reply to email.

I sent them a letter saying if they try to collect this money once again I would sue them for not owning up to their original promise of adding my payment to my monthly mortgage. Haven't heard from them since. Buyer Beware.

If you want a reputable home warranty, ask a realtor and check with the BBB. Thanks everyone for posting here their stories of this shady company.

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Even though my automatic payments are deducted monthly, I received a letter claiming I did not make payments, and threatening to turn me over to a collection agency and destroy my credit. Keep in mind, I have automatic payments taken by this company monthly, to-date,...
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I am a former AHS employee and to Brandie in our computers at AHS customer service AHS actually does pay the contractors very well to fix issues. Now due to the plumper negligent repair, AHS makes sure that contractors are insured so we can make sure if damages are done as a result of repair THEY ARE LIABLE.

No matter what happens in your court case, your contract clearly states the previous. Don't agree to contracts if you dont plan on clearly reading and interpreting them.

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American Home Shield Warranty

American home schield | American Home Shield review from Los Angeles, California

American Home Schield is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The reason you purchase this is if something in your home breaks however if this happens they will not fix it because they say it is due to deferred maintenacne even though you just bought the home. My water heater broke and they assigned Yankee plumbing in Los Angeles to install a new one but they did not replace the pan below the waterheater which is suppose to be 2 inches around to perform properly. In the end no one takes responsibility or even admits error. I do not suggest this insurance company they are more trouble and in the end you still pay.
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American Home Shield

American Home Shield promises to cover your plumbing with their home insurance, but be aware! We had a leak in our plumbing system, but because they could not find a plumber with the correct certifications in their network, they simply wrote it off as an access issue. They kept sending plumbers until they find one to *** the problem as non pluming related. The first 2 plumbers sent to our house indicate that it is indeed a plumbing issue and they simply dicarded their assessment until they get one they want (and not covered). This company is a complete fraud!
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