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What a HUGE WASTE OF MONEY! I've had this warranty company from 2005 to 2015 & all is good until you need to make a claim. Called them for a hot water tank leak in 2012 & was sent a plumber that tried to gauge me for an additional $380 onto of the $75 copay. They wanted to charge me $158 for a PERMIT which I verified with the city & was advised the permit was only $40. I asked the plumbing company why they were charging so much they said "Because we can!" Needless to say I did not use them for my repair & had to hire my own plumber. AHS could not provide a different plumber & supported the company they provided by stating that the permit & additional fees were not part of the coverage policy. I had to go round & round with American Home Shield to get reimbursed. Only after calling to cancel the account did I get assistance & was stupidly agreed to not cancel the policy. They ultimately paid me $240 which is what they said the job was worth... No wonder their plumber tried to gouge me for an additional $380!

A year later I again contacted them for a drain stoppage. They send out a different plumber who takes my $75 copay but then states they can't clear the stopped drain via the American Home Shield policy because AHS does not allow them to provide work that requires roof top access. They did clear the drain via roof top access at my own out of pocket expense - another $200 out of my pocket to a plumber & no reimbursement from American Home Shield.

Lastly in 2015, I get a leak in my kitchen. They send a plumber AND a leak detection specialist. The plumber states he won't do the repair unless I independently have someone rip out my built in kitchen cabinets. The cabinets can't be removed without breaking them apart and the leak detection specialist is unable to exactly pinpoint the leak because he said "American Home Shield" would not allow him to open the wall where the leak was believed to be. Interestingly enough, he could open the call by cutting hole in the back of the cabinet without "ripping out" the cabinet. So there I sat without hot water for several days waiting for resolution from AHS. Finally I contact them after 3 days & I'm advised that the claim is closed due to "customer unwilling to remove cabinet"! No second opinion, no response from the plumber, no hot water & NO REPAIR!

I had to find my own plumber who was able to repair the leak which turned out to be under slab beneath the cabinet floor. He made the repair without having to destroy my kitchen cabinets & counter top. It took him & his 2 helpers 4.5 hours to complete the repair & the repair cost exceeded the limits of the AHS policy. Now AHS continues to refuse to reimburse me for the policy limits of my out of pocket loss . So basically they take your money for years & years but when things break down & you need to make a claim they provide *** contractors & don't make good on coverage, plus you are out your co-pays. I've learned my lesson & have cancelled this account after paying them over $6000 over a 10 year period for NOTHING!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: reimbursement within policy limit.

American Home Shield Cons: Bad customer care, Customer service rep lied.

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What a waste. Put your money in a savings account!

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