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My A/C broke on 6/23/17 they came out 2 days later and "fixed" it. My A/C was leaking from the roof.

Apparently it was a block of ice, anyone who is good at their job should have known we had a coil leak and they should have repaired it and unclogged our drain so it didn't leak through our ceiling and cause us damage but instead did a bandaid fix and left. 2 weeks later it is leaking through my ceiling again and the A/C is no longer cooling at all. They come out again and recharge it. The technician says in a week I will come back and see if there is a leak but I never hear back from him, again he should know there is a leak!!!

One more week later, it is not cooling again. The third time he comes out he says if you didn't have American Home Shield warranty I would recommend that you get a new HVAC system, but you do have them and they won't pay to replace it, even though they are contracted to do so. He continues by saying if he replaced it then he would have to pay out of his pocket to replace it---- what??? What is wrong with American Home Shield breaking contract!!

We call and ask for a second opinion they promise to call back with someone to do a second opinion. I call again, btw always having to wait and hour or more to get an agent, now they say I will have to wait to the end of the week to get a pay out option.

That is a full week with out A/C in Texas with 4 kids at home, one of them being Austistic. Totally a scam do not use them because they will not replace things like they are supposed to only try to repair the unrepairable.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Air Conditioner Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did they clean up wTer damage? This is exactly what happened to us.


Did you get this resolved? Who pays for water damage?

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