Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Last winter I had a hot water line break in the island of my kitchen. I called AHS and first they told me a week before they could come out.

Then when I complained, they had someone out in a couple of days. First strike!!! So, the company comes out and the guys tells me that he doesn't see the leak under the cabinet, but that I would probably have to remove the island, bust up the tile in the floor and then they would repair it. The repair estimate for just the plumbers was over $1500.

Then I would have to pay to have my custom island removed and the floor busted up. THEN pay to have it all put back together. I was not happy about this. So, I decided to look myself a little closer and I could see where the water was bubbling from.

So, I called another plumber out. He could see the leak as well and said that there is no way he would need to have the island moved or bust up the concrete. The only thing I had to do was have the back of the cabinet cut out for access and make some room at the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinet maker came out and did the job for about $100...

Plumber came the next day and fixed the leak and actually put in a better shut off valve for better access for less than $250. So the job cost me about $350 without AHS's help!! If I hadn't been prudent, I would have paid $2500 or more for this simple job. The new plumber also fixed another issue in my guest bathroom tub that I had called AHS out on 3 times and the guy couldn't fix it or figure out what was wrong.

Took the new plumber 30 minutes to figure out what was wrong.....fixed!!! My latest issue has made me decide to drop AHS. I have a microwave that is not working. I call on December 27th or so and the soonest they can get someone out to look at it is January 20th!!

REALLY!! I have more instances, but I will stop there. I would get a home warranty if I had an older home OR just purchased a home and would only keep it for 1 or 2 years.

At this point, between the increased fees and the multiple service call fees that have increased and the shady companies they deal with, it would serve me best to drop them and save that money on my own each month. If I have a major problem, I will just call my insurance company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Plumbing Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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