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Update by user Sep 02, 2017

AHS took care of everything!

Update by user Sep 02, 2017

ALL issues resolved. AHS could not have been more helpful! I got bad information from the techs.

Original review posted by user Sep 02, 2017

I called in for my stove, washer, and A/C -- NOTHING has been repaired!!!!!! I've been told that I have to log the problems and maybe then they can be repaired.

New ownership????? This used to be a great company and now they are worthless!!!!! I'm in a home with 95 degrees and not one call from the people who are supposed to respond!!!!! I've now searched on my own and hoping that the person I finally contacted will show up.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I had American Home Shield warranty service for over a year. I had problems with my furnace which is with oil not gas.

So I called AHS and the guys had to come out a few times because the furnace would not run on a consistent basis without shutting down. So obviously there was no heat in the house when it was needed. So I called AHS and they sent out 2 or 3 different companies. It was only the 3rd and last guy who told me what the real problem was and that was I needed a new motor.

So I paid at that time $125.00 for each company that came out and back then you could pay cash when they arrived. Now you have to pay in advance before one comes out to your home with a credit card and the cost has now gone up from $125 to $135. So just recently I had to call again because now my hot water heater was giving me problems. So I called AHS and this time like I said $135.00 in advance with a credit card.

I called them early on a Monday morning in the am but was able to use the automated system. I heard from AHS with a live person may 24 to 48 hours later but they didn't send anyone over until Thursday, 3 days later. I kept calling and calling and was on hold an average of 45 minutes to an hour each time I called. And I mean I called numerous times all throughout the day each day I did call.

Now being I used them in the past you would think they would have my records on file and know that I have an oil furnace and I reiterated this when I first used them for service. But what did they do this time, they sent me out a guy from a company who doesn't service furnaces or hot water heaters that run with oil. Hello!!!! I never told AHS I converted over to gas so why would they send someone over who doesn't service furnaces or hot water heater that runs by oil.

This should have been in their records. But no the guy came by and only stayed 3 minutes to say I don't service this and left. So I called AHS to complain and they had the nerve to tell me that they would send out another guy but I will have to pay another $135.00. My argument was why?

Because you sent out a company that doesn't service oil burners or hot water heaters run by oil. It's not my fault they sent out the wrong guy but yet they want me to pay again for their mistake and then also pay whatever the cost is for repairs. I did the math and realized I am paying these people to rip me off. At $69.51 a month I am giving them $834.12 a year plus $135.00 each time one comes out and then whatever the cost of the repair.

The *** with that. I cancelled my membership and just decided to hire a good handyman which I did call after this madness and he fixed my hot water heater in 20 minutes at a great cost actually the same cost for AHS just to have someone come out which is $135.00.

The money I give AHS every month, I can just save that just in case I need to buy a new appliance or something. All of can say is BUYER BE AWARE of AHS.

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