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Beware of American Home Shield, their service is horrible. I have their ShieldPlus premium coverage and recently reported a damaged appliance for the first time.

My refrigerator broke down and I reported the issue to AHS already 5 weeks ago. I had to pay $75 and they sent out a technician 3 times. Each time I had to take time off to wait from 9am to 1pm for them to show up (which is usually 30 minutes after the scheduled window). Every time someone actually did show up (after two missed appointments where they had scheduled a visit, but simply failed to show up at all without notice) they failed to fix the issue, but instead claimed that parts have to be ordered first.

This is a process that takes about 2 weeks each time and that I have already gone through three times. The parts arrive, someone attempts the repair, it fails and more parts or the same parts have to be reordered. I called the AHS support line several times. Usually, this means waiting about 30 minutes for anyone to pick up.

The result is explaining and discussing the issue with a call center agent for 15 minutes before he or she transfers you to someone else who didn't get any of the prior information and asks all the same questions for a second time. In the end they usually promise a call back the next day to discuss the available options. This call never happens and you have the choice of going through the cycle again or tearing your hair out. I still don't have a working refrigerator after waiting for 5 weeks.

They just told me I will have to wait about 10 more days until someone will come out again for another repair attempt. In any case, they will only attempt a partial repair, because creative terms & conditions wording allows them to exclude fixing the ice maker. I would have been better off saving the money for their "warranty" and just buying a new fridge myself.

I would have paid slightly more for the fridge, but at least I would have an appliance that works, rather than having to continuously waste time and being kept waiting without a place to store perishable food. Don't wast your time and money and stay away from American Home Shield!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Refrigerator Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: A replacement refrigerator.

American Home Shield Cons: Excessive wait times, Unclear timelines, Missed appointments, Lack of remedy for broken refrigerator.

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No, I am still waiting for them fix the refrigerator. Sorry to hear that you had a similar issue with them.


Did they ever fix it. I have a similar issue right now.

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