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Both my bathroom vanity faucets have developed cracks along each side, which are slowly getting wider. These were installed in 2012, are Delta faucets, and came with a lifetime limited warranty.

I called Delta and was told they would send me replacements for these faucets at no charge to me. I received these within just a couple of days. I then called AHS to arrange to have a plumber come out and remove the old ones and install the new ones. I was told that because I got the replacement faucets on my own, the work would not be covered.

Apparently what I was SUPPOSED to do was call the company, pay $75 for a plumber of their choice to come out to tell me the faucets need replacing, and then THEY order the replacement faucets. What brand, and of what quality is anyone's guess. I told them I felt this was absurd, and was basically told that I had no recourse, and that there was no way they would pay for installation of the new faucets. I informed them that I was extremely dissatisfied and that it was likely that I would soon be canceling my AHS coverage.

The woman on the phone made no response, and after a few seconds of silence, I hung up. I am now going to have to pay a plumber close to $300 to come out and do this work. And all because I did the up-front work of getting Delta to send me the replacement faucets. AHS is about to lose yet another unhappy customer.

They will always find a way to avoid having to cover whatever it is you may need done. I would strongly advise against signing up for AHS. My daughter lived in a condo for a couple of years, and her kitchen faucet developed a problem. The condo owner had AHS coverage.

They sent out a plumber who replaced the METAL brushed nickel kitchen faucet with a silver-colored plastic faucet. This is how they do business.

Reason of review: Because I got the replacement faucets, AHS would not pay for installation..

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Pros: Setting up original appointment.

American Home Shield Cons: Service and customer service.

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It sounds like YOU did NOT read your contract.

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