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We paid $500 for an annual period of warranty coverage with a $100 per claim deductible with this company. We have a top loader washer that was making loud noises when the spin cycle was on and we couldn't use it.

American Home Shield requires that customers only use contractors approved by AHS. We called AHS. First of all, you have to answer a whole host of automated questions just to get through to a live customer service rep! To file a claim you have to do it answering a long list of automated voice questions!

AHS said we had to use King Appliances in Las Vegas. AHS said King Appliances would call us. King Appliances didn't call us so we had to call them. This was on a Thursday. King Appliances said they couldn't come to repair our washer until the following Tuesday or Wednesday!!!!!! That would be 5 or 6 days we would be without a washer while waiting for King Appliances to come out and do repairs.

We told King Appliances we couldn't wait that long. The woman answered with a tough cookies tone of voice and said, "Sorry."i.e. Based on her tone of voice and terse response, her message was take it or leave it!

Not wanting to wait almost a week for service, we called AHS , told them we couldn't wait 5 or 6 days for King Appliances to come out and not being able to wash our clothes. We told AHS that King Appliances said they wouldn't come out for 5 or 6 days and asked AHS to assign another appliance repair shop who would provide timely service. AHS refused to assign another one of their appliance repair contractors and said that we would have to wait for King to come out!!!! They also told us we could not use any other appliance repair shop!

I read their Warranty Contract and it says customers can only use AHS appointed contractors. Since we didn't want to wait for almost a week to get our washer repaired, we called an appliance repair shop listed in Angie's list who charged us a $60.00 service call and did the job for $199.00.

Particularly because AHS refused to assign us another one of their appointed contractors who would even give reasonably prompt service, I'm convinced AHS may set this up intentionally because they make customers use AHS appointed contractors even if their contractors refuse to come out in less than 5 or 6 days, as in our case.

Think about it. If AHS insists customers only use AHS appointed contractors who won't come out to your home for nearly a week and you can't wait that long to get the repairs done and AHS refuses to assign another one of their other appointed contractors who will give timely service and customers have to hire contractors other than AHS contractors to get timely service, then AHS doesn't have pay out a dime and gets off scot free after collecting their $500 bucks from customers! Nice strategy if they can get away with it which they apparently are getting away with.

Warranty companies are not insurance companies, therefore are not governed by State Insurance laws. If insurance companies tried pull this kind of stuff that AHS pulled with us, insurance companies would be violating all kinds of State Insurance Statutes and would be put out of business by State Insurance Departments.

We subscribed to Old Republic before paying AHS $500 this year. We are going back to Old Republic which is a lot easier to deal with, gives much better service and they are honest.

After unsuccessfully trying to file a claim with AHS and basically getting told in so many words that we could pound sand if we didn't want to wait a week to get some service out of THEIR contractors, our impression of AHS is that all they are out for is to collect customers $500 bucks and then do little or nothing after that. On top of that, AHS PAYS OUT NOTHING and reaps much bigger profits if customers refuse to wait unreasonable lengths of time to get some service from AHS contractors and hire hire non-AHS contractors which AHS refuse to pay!

In fact after our bad experience with AHS, after what happened, I can' help but be suspicious that AHS's strategy may be to work with their appointed contractors who may be overloaded with assignments from AHS or whom AHS knows may stall so long that customers will ask for another AHS contactor who will provide decently prompt service; which AHS will refuse to appoint another one of their AHS approved contractor as they did in our case, therefore customers such as us will refuse to wait for almost a week to get some service and will have to use other non AHS appointed contractors that AHS knows ahead of time, they will refuse to pay for. All very profitable for AHS.

Therefore AHS pays nothing, after collecting $500 from customers up front. That's a very profitable arrangement and rules set up by AHS in advance, that AHS is getting away with unless they were a Warranty company and they could not get away with the way they operate if they were a legitimate insurance company governed by State Insurance laws.

Just filing a claim with AHS on the phone is a long drawn out ordeal dealing with their automated systems which in an of itself may be intended to discourage a lot of customers from even trying to file claims. My wife literally spent hours on the phone with AHS before we finally gave up on getting any service out of them or their single appointed contractor whom they refused to replace even though we were told they wouldn't come out for almost a week even though we had an inoperable washing machine and we had to pay full price to another appliance repair shop rather than wait for a week to get it repaired.

AHS didn't pay a dime thanks to their pre-setup rules and methods of dealing with customers which no doubt generates big profits for AHS when customers have to go elsewhere to get timely service!.


Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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