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I have had 2 unbelievable experiences with American Home Shield. Both horrible. I will highlight them.


- I own a single family rental property.

- I pay $45 a month for “Protection”

- I have a $100 deductible

Water Heater

- Began leaking. Clearly why you have a home warranty

- AHS sent a company to replace.

- I was told that AHS only pays for the heater and replacement.

- The contractor said that there needed to be new fixtures put on and the total was $350 (plus the $100)

- My contract says


COVERED: All components and parts, including tankless water heaters and circulating pumps, except:

NOT COVERED: Auxiliary holding or storage tanks – Noise – Fuel storage tank and energy conservation unit."

- I had to get it replaced as it is my obligation to keep my tenants safe and the home in working order.

- I called the contractor and they said that was ridiculous and I should ask for a concession on the $350. The contractor even called AHS to tell them they should concede.

- No concession. 3 weeks later after many calls, "customer service" called and asked how the service was. I laid into them of course and they said if we conceded $250 and sent you a check, would you be satisfied. I said yes.

- Never saw the check, no notes in their system.

Air Conditioner

- Wasn't cooling so I order a service check up through AHS

- The contractor came over and said it just need 5 lbs of Refrigerant.

- I said great, how much?

- The going rate (I called around) is $80..... AHS pays only $10

- The service call was $75 so after my $100 deductible, AHS ends up paying $25.

- I paid $350 plus $100 plus $45 a month.

My concern

- People go to them to be protected for excessive charges.

- Their website says " It's a one-year service agreement that covers the repair or replacement of many major home system components and appliances that typically breakdown over time due to normal wear and tear."

- This is a classic bait and switch. The contract was so complicated that the regular homeowner doesn't know what they are getting into.

- I am not a Plumber, an HVAC tech, or an appliance expert. We rely on a warranty company to protect us. I DO NOT FEEL PROTECTED.

Over the past 6 years $3340 in monthly fees $200 in deductibles and $700 in additional "non covered" cost. I have used them twice.

I called them today and spent 30 minutes with them having them basically tell me that it is my fault for not reading the contract.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Cons: Not adequate coverage.

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The line that stuck out like a sore thumb is “people go to them to be protected for (sic) excessive charges.” Not all contractors charge excessively. Shopping around locally for a small business is the best way to protect yourself from high repair costs.

Things cost what they cost. Government Regulations, taxes, high insurance premiums, labor costs, workman’s comp, and general inflation are to blame for things being unaffordable. Contractors must make a bit of profit, but the operating costs are way out of control in this economy.

Hire a black market handyman off Craig’s list who doesn’t answer to anyone, including you. When the project blows up, you won’t have anyone to call, but you will save on the “excessive charges”


I had same bad experience with AHS on A/C unit.

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