They do not at this point deserve any stars! If you look at reviews from this summer 2020 there are hundreds of complaints with the same issues.

I have had american Home Shield for 4 years. In the past they have been great. I have recommended many friends and family members to this company. I am so disappointed with this company I don't know where to begin.

I understand that this world is in a turmoil right now. But there is no excuse to the abuse and neglect from this company. In beginning of June I had the unfortunate experience of two refrigerators and my air conditioner going out. They first sent out a person for my refrigerators.

He was able to fix one but could not work on the other one because it used a R-290 coolant. explained he wasn't certified for it. Called AHS again and they gave a work order for Sears 3 weeks later. The day he was supposed to come he called me at the last 5 minutes of my window and said he was running late and couldn't be there for another 2 hours.

I sat there all afternoon waiting for this technician. I live between 2 homes because I am my 84 year old mothers caregiver and have very little time at my own home. The tech. said he would get a hold of his supervisor to see what they could do.

Then I received a text that they couldn't come for another 3 weeks. This would set me back almost 2 months. Called AHS sat on hold for hours. Finally got through and they dispatched another company.

2 weeks out. He came out and again he was not certified to work on this fridge. This time I was told it was R-600 coolant. Again called and waited hours.

This time I was told to get my own Company. They gave me a number for him to call to supposedly get through immediately. I had to pay the service company out of my own pocket and was told I would be reimbursed. The technician would have to call before he could work on it.

He tried and sat on hold for 20 minutes. He hung up said he didn't have time to wait that it is my problem. I called and waited on hold for the number they gave me and was told it was the wrong number and gave me another number to call but was told this is only for technicians. I am sitting on hold as I type now for almost 45 minutes.

After an hour on hold only to be hold that a technician had to call. I informed them I have and phone number and contact person with a invoice with the issues. Gentleman (not a gentleman) hung up on me. My air conditioner is another flop.

They got someone out within 2 weeks. was told it was low on coolant and AHS only covers $10.00 per pound for coolant. I spent $180.00 for this. The next morning my air conditioner was having the same issues.

Called and waited on hold for hours again. They dispatched the technician out again. This time I was told I need the coils etc replaced and they had to call for approval. Waited another week received a call from the repair company and I would have to pay $850.00 out of pocket.

What ever just get it fixed. They set an appointment for the following week. Again I waited 4 hours with a no show. When I finally got a hold of the technician I was told I had to call and approve the work.

Why did they set up an appointment if I already said do it? Set up another appointment another week. They came and worked on it for 5 hours. The technician sat down and informed me they would have to go back to AHS because the two systems weren't working together.

Called sat on phone for hours again. After another week another company called and said AHS is asking for a 2nd opinion. Another week out. They came out and said it needed a power booster.

Has been working fine for a week now. fingers crossed it stays this way (remember this has been going on since beginning of June and we are now into August. Since June I have clocked up close to 40 hours on hold. Approx.

9 appointments with a window time of 4 hours each. Not to mention between what is not covered and claim fees I have racked up a bill of almost $1200. 00 out of pocket. You can't get hardly anyone that speaks or understands English.

If I ask to talk to someone I can understand I get hung up on You ask for a Corporate phone number and no one seems to have one. You ask for a supervisor and you get the run around. But they are so apologetic and understand my frustration. I finally got a supervisor named Leo informed me he would reimburse me $50.00.

When I called again after so many problems got Leo again and again so apologetic and would reimburse me another $50.00. But I have only received $50.00 total.

Not even close to the time and money I have had to put out for all this. this company does not care anymoreI I

User's recommendation: Stay away!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: I want the refrigerator that broke in June FIXED OR REPLACED!!!.

American Home Shield Cons: Dont stand behind their warranty customer service stinks.

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