i have 2 open service requests.

1. Bosch diswaher.

tech came by on thu mar 25 from AG appliances. Was at the property for under 5 min and said we need to order a new dispaly unit as its frozen. i keep calling them everyday and they keep saying theyre searching for parts. how long does it take to find a part.


Wolf microwave. tech came on thu mar 25 from Stellar appliances and noted the display panel needs replacing. FYI this appointment was made directly with a live agent. I explained and repeated very clearly that the microwave is working good but the displays are vanished.

I asked her several times if your company would cover this repair or i can call another vendor. she insisted that we'll repair anything to do with the microwave. There after i authorised her to use my cc on file and she made the service request with Stellar Appliance. Now after having made several phone calls to your company, ( spoke to Avjien on Monday mar 29, and May on Mar 30), i learn that your company will not cover on a display panel!!

please explain!!! .

I would appreciate a refund $75 for the microwave service.

I think your live agent should know her job being employed by yourselves.

Just to let you know that I would actually like to withdraw my contract with your company as its extremely painful dealing with your agents and lack of knowledge they have. Also all the vendors your company recommends for every service all have a very poor rating of max 2 stars.

look forward to hearing back!

User's recommendation: Do not contract with AHS.

Location: San Clemente, California

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