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I was sold a home warranty by Wells Fargo (warranty was to be fulfilled by American Home Shield)with a trial period. When I finally received the warranty it didn't include any trial period.

After going back and forth between Wells Fargo and AHS, I was essentially told that they don't know whether it was AHS who called or it was Wells Fargo and whoever called misrepresented the warranty. The warranty didn't come with a trial period and nay damages that happened during this period would not be covered. I must have called over 10 times to both the companies and kept getting different answers. First I was covered and then I wasn't covered.

I was called by Wells Fargo - no I was called AHS. Bottom line: AHS has the worst customer service possible and most their representative sounded like used care sales people.

Wells Fargo was not any better -- They sell your name to other affiliates and are happy collect payment but when it comes to accepting any responsibility they just pass the buck. Moral: Don't buy any product from AHS.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

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Yes, they took 14 months out of my mortgage before I investigated. It was listed as a 3x3 charge.

Somehow no one at either company can prove I had a contract. They just signed me up. Oh and get's my fault according to Wells Fargo because I waited 14 months to contact them. Well that's because I didn't know I had a contract with American home shield.

I'm finished talking to both parties. I've contacted joy attorney.

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