This company hides behind their constantly changing contract that gets worse and worse every year. They have become bottom feeders and rip off artists.

I was misled over and over again. When I was arguing about the below standard quality of the so called replacement appliance they would shove their option of cashing out in my face instead of dealing with their lower valued replacement. FYI: The value/check will be about $200.00 less than retail because this is the “special” discounted price AHS has arranged with the manufacturer. Your appliance is only worth the compensation of what AHS would have to pay to replace it.

so you will have less buying power because of their pricing. If you want to upgrade there is a different monster that is capable of making that AHS discount price disappear. Out of thin air, I was quoted $200.00 or more for the upgrade then what I saw on the website. Remember the price shown on the website was explained as being $200.00 or more than what AHS would have to pay for it.

That is why your replacement value is $200.00 or so less. Yet I had been told AHS has the purchasing power and gets a lower price. First AHS undercuts the value of your original appliance. Then they give you the replacement model number.

AHS give you one website to review and on that site the price for that replacement model is $200.00 more than AHSs replacement value. Are you getting the message? The only way a customer doesn’t get taken advantage of is if the customer accepts exactly what AHS is offering. You will have no choice about the model, color, quality, style or performance or if it matches what you had or need.

If you choose to change anything you will lose $200,00 or more no matter what you do. Forget any sale you might find. If you manage to find one appliance on sale including installation and it costs you $100.00 less you will get a smaller check by the difference. You can only pay MORE all the way around or settle for less.

If you decide you want to get away for the hassle and take a check then you will be forced to wait for weeks before the refund check arrives. You will have no idea what the real amount will be. ASH will not issue you the replacement check that they have been pushing down your throat until you figure out how to get your invoice from the vendor to ASH. You have to put your money upfront with NO guarantee that ASH will even pay you half of what they quoted you.

If you need to upgrade you will find that the difference between the offered appliance and the upgraded appliance will go up from what you see on the website. The price is shown and then out of thin air they add an additional $209.00 to the price claiming the higher price is the price the manufacturer is charging them. Where is the "special discounted price" they used when it worked to their advantage? You will be inconvenienced beyond belief.

This must be what it feels like dealing with organized crime. Don’t invest your money in this service company get out before you lose not only the money you paid every month for substandard service but any hope of ending up with decent appliances should any of your designer/quality appliances break.

Since 2000 I have been with AHS and I am really sorry I didn’t get out ten years ago. Ten years ago they were decent.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Range Replacement.

Reason of review: Replacement Game of Words and Prices.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: issue me my checks. I did not have to provide an invoice when my heater had to be replaced. I was told it was a different department. I am already loosing over $700.00 that I have to pay out of my pocket to get the same quality appliances..

Store Location: 160 N Gulph Rd, King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA

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Actually, you don’t understand what’s happening at all. If you go through with the AHS proposal through one of their “Preferred Vendors” plumber, HVAC, appliance Repair, Electrician, etc, we all work on a flat rate system.

We only get paid your service fee, plus a very small amount from AHS for every single call. For example, plumbing: the Ahs plumber comes to look at your water heater, after you pay your service fee ($100?) to AHS. The water heater must be replaced, and the plumber can’t charge AHs any more than the price they already agreed to—usually on Plumbing it’s around $150 per claim NO MATTER WHAT. Where, on earth, can you get a water heater and have a plumber install it for $150?

So the customer gets charged some made-up modification charges to offset the costs, so the plumber doesn’t have to provide the water heater at a loss, and do the work for free, providing all the accessories and fittings himself. The non-covered items the homeowner had to pay are as much as if they didn’t have AHs, and they have to wait a week for hot water. So the homeowner considers a cashout. $300 is offered, maybe, which will barely cover the heater, excluding the installation.

They justify this because their plumber literally does their work for free! Keeping AhS’ costs unnaturally low, so that the plumber can remain the preferred plumber. He can’t do his own retail work, because AHS keeps him so busy. So he must continue this game until Ahs changes the game on him, or he has to start passing on costs to AHS, or the customer complaints get him fired.

Another business burned alive by AHS.

Then a new plumber is recruited and promised the moon, only to attempt the impossible. So you see, AHS really is giving you more allowance than they give their own vendors, with the ridiculous cash out offers.


Perhaps we should file a class action lawsuit? They wanted to replace my high end appliance with a low level GE.

I Am contacting Heninger, Garrison and Davis Out of Alabama to get this started. Their business model is to screw their customers. I mean I haven’t had a working appliance for 4 months and now they want to give me a $1000 appliance to replace a $5000 one?

That’s not insurance, that’s theft. I wonder what a jury will give me in Mississippi for not being able to cook my mother-in-law Christmas Dinner on my first Christmas with my husband because of American Home Shield?


I’ve been waiting for 5 months for my air hvac to be replaced, have suffered through a summer with 100+ days just to not get a response to why my covered unit has not been replaced..... I’m thinking about contacting a news station to bring needed attention to this fraudulent business!!!!


Yes this is so true...


I'm running into the same issue now with them, but i'm trying to just get a check issued now and not have to buy the appliance first.

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