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have been a loyal customer of American Home Shields for six years. My AC stopped working three weeks ago. The first time I waited over 26 minutes to talk to someone. The agent said someone will come out to check the problem within 24 hours. The AC repair man from All Star Comfort Systems said it was something minor and all I had to do was pay the deductible $125.00. I paid, and after 2 days the AC stopped working again. When I called AHS, this time I waited over 30 minutes to talk to an agent. I was told to wait 24 hours for someone to come out. Repair men said it was my Freon and AHS cover $10.00 per pound and their price is $90.00, I needed two pounds and I ended up paying $160.00 dollars. The AC worked for 3 more days and stopped working. I called for the 3rd time. The AC repair man came out two days later and this time he said I believe your evaporation coil and some parts are not working. He will give AHS the details and they will contact me.

I waited two days no one called. On the 3rd day, I called and after 36 minutes waiting the lady said “I am sorry my computer is down” and she promised to call me or my husband back, but no one called back. The 4thday I called and asked to talk to a supervisor. After waiting over 36 minutes I was given 1 800 858 1922, Ext 1075252201, I spoke with Rachel Porter and I explained the situation, I asked if I can get my AC fixed by someone else, and get reimbursed. She said no they do not allow this type of transaction. She said she will find out what is going on and will call me back as soon as possible before the day is over. I have called her several days and left messages. She never returned my call.

Finally, I called the service number, after 41 minutes on hold, the agent (Anita) said I have to pay $1020.00 to get it fixed. I asked what portion is AHS covering. She said the only thing AHS covers is for the evaporation coil and I am responsible for $1020.00. I asked what is the cost of the evaporation coil. Anita took a while to search for the quote, when she returned she said another department is the one that can tell me the cost and she has to start a ticket for this process. She then said since they are behind by 9 days on the price quotes the soonest they will call or e mail me will be after 9 days.

Three weeks from the first time my AC stopped working, with two children, and Texas’s 100 degree weather and I am still without AC. To date I have paid your company over $ 3500.00 and the first time my AC went out, AHS can’t even fix it right. I feel that I have wasted my money and your company has not kept it promises. I received terrible customer service, basically nonexistent. I now feel that the amount of money I paid on this warranty over the past 6 years, I could have kept my money and just paid for repairs as they arise. I am writing to you to you all - Do not Waste your money like me. Learn from me get out of AHS and save your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Pros: Easy payment.

American Home Shield Cons: Liars about items not covered under my poilicy, Timing, Lack of availability, No resolution to issue, Lack of availability of staff, Lack of responsibility.

  • Poor Warranty Service
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terrible customer service! DO NOT waste your money and time with this cheating people, not only with this one but wit non of warranty companies.


I guess none of these Warrant company will do you right. Choice Watrant did me the same way with my hot water heater


This is exactly what I went through! I paid around $1000 when everything was said and done.

My AC broke down in June and is currently still down! The funny thing is before they changed out my coil the air was blowing through ALL of my vents. Once they changed out my coil the air only blew through the back of my house vents! No one from A-US Air Conditioning of Texas knew what they were doing!

I called AHS to get a different company out here and they said that someone would get back to me, well big surprise there no on got back to me!

I stopped my automatic payments! I figured I put enough money into them!


It really sounds like you seriously need to contact an attorney to sue for your money back. It really looks like they aren't providing the services you're paying for.

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