Plano, Texas
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On August 14,2009, American Home Shield sent a plumber to look at our hot water heaters that were making loud banging noises. The plumber said they needed to be replaced.

AHS decided NOT to replace them. On September 1,2009 our hot water heater burst and our ceiling collapsed into our kitchen. AHS is not willing to pay for secondary damages even though AHS knew that there was a problem and decided not to address it until our ceiling fell into our kitchen. Now AHS is to only replace one of the heaters.

I am filing a complaint with the Texas Real Estate Commission. I have been waiting for a call from customer relations and have not received one yet. This is unethical, and on some level consumer fraud.

AHS knew that there was a problem before the heater burst and they chose not to replace the heater, now we have a big mess on our hands and they simply are refusing to pay for damages and even replace the 2nd heater until it burst and the ceiling falls again. This is

a problem and someone has got to hold them accountable.

Damage Resulting = A 4\' x 4\' section of insulation and sheetrock fell into our kitchen and there is water damage to our hardwood floors in the kitchen.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I'm sure that if you had purchased the new water heaters they would have installed them.

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