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My airconditioning system broke down and I called AHS to check it, the same day I had a local technician inspected the unit and said that the equipment is old and cannot be repaired. That he will give a report for authorization of replacement.

After two weeks of not hearing from them I called AHS again and insistently struggling with the operator was promised that they will call back to update me with the replacement. It has been like that for several calls and receiving empty promises of coverage. After a month of calling back and forth trying to be nice, polite and not getting angry, and meanwile, summer almost finished, AHS finally decided that they cannot cover the expenses and concluded that it was due to lack of maintenance why the unit stopped functioning and it's not covered by the warranty, for this reason.

I had other warranty at home, as a matter of fact, all my appliances have warranty, I just give them a call and it's all taken cared of. AMERICAN HOME SHIELD WARRANTY IS THE WORST WARRANTY I HAVE EVER HAD, they're only good in collecting payments and are champions in avoiding responsibilities to cover liabilities. THEY SHOULD CHANGE THEIR NAME TO CROOK'S SHIELD HOME WARRANTY, BECAUSE IT'S A SHAME ON THE EFFICIENCY AND RELIABILTY THAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STANDS FOR. AND I CALL ALL AMERICANS TO STOP USING THIS COMPANY AS HOME WARRANTY, BECAUSE IT'S SIMPLY NOT WHAT IT CLAIMS TO BE.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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I had the same issues. Everytime I called for something I was told it wasn't covered.

When I first bought my home, about 2 months after I called and said the oven wasn't working.

They said it wasn't covered because it wasn't working before I bought the home- but it was! They didn't want to hear it.......

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