My name is Vicky Clayton. Three months ago my GE dishwasher quit draining.

The first man that came out with another man, took my panel off to fix the drain. When I watched them they used pliers to force the panel back into its place and when screwed it back in it was all not in incorrectly and the panel did not go back together. The metal was all bent. THEY broke my dishwasher.

It only needed the drain hose fixed. After 2 months American Home Shield sent me a list of 3 dishwashers to pick from. I picked one and when I washed dishes in it the dishes were clean and dry but the dishwasher inside had many many puddles of water. All over.

I had a 12 year old dishwasher that dried everything including the inside of the machine, of course. Now I have a dishwasher that has water all over inside. What's going on. Never heard of such.

I called and talked to a supervisor. Told him I would have to put a bunch of money to get a decent machine. That was hours ago.

What have I heard from them? CRICKETS ........

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: Houston, Texas

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