American Home Shield has sent Contractors out to repair our 2 Air Conditioning Units that are covered by our Home Warranty this year alone. Still not Repaired. They just fill the 2 units with Freon at a COST OF 600+ Dollars to me and do not perform a leak test as both units are leaking Freon. The last fill up was the end of August 2018 and now they are sending out another contractor to fill up again on Dec. 28th. After the last fill up in August I called and let AHS know they did not fix the leak and was told rudely "We won't send someone else out because your units are working now". Of course they were after 600.00 in Freon. Now 5 1/2 months later I have to get them filled again. This company has zero customer service or care. When I called today 12-28-18 it was recommended to me to hire my own contractor to get them fixed on my own dime. I asked "What? Why do I have a home warranty then"? I can't believe AHS is going to lose a 12 year customer (Me) because they can't fix my A/C. I will not be renewing and NOT recommending to anyone. AHS used to be a great company that cared about its customers but not anymore.

I was actually told by a AHS on 12-29-18 that there was no Supervisor to talk to as they were ALL on vacation until 1-2-18 and if I wanted to I could hire a company on my own and pay for it? Why do I have a warranty? I did hire someone as I was so frustrated (See attached) (DelAir)

I was actually told by the customer representative if I didn’t like the service I could cancel but don’t expect a refund on the contract? WOW!!

They performed a leak test on both coils which are leaking and need to be replaced (Not repaired as they are beyond repair) . I had to pay over 1600.00 of Freon this year out of my pocket due to AHS NOT repairing my units correctly.

I have again had AHS for over 12 years and the last 2 years have been HORRIBLE contractors and Customer Service!!!!

Edward Tilka- Contract # 23173****

email: Chazorl1@***.com

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $5600.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

American Home Shield Cons: Had to hire outside company to do the job, Take your money and do not make the repairs.

Location: 889 Ridge Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38120, USA

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AHS is not all it seems to be. I could have purchased 3 new units for what i have put in funding Freon and service calls. Freon should not ever leak, they keep patching a real problem.


Do not buy AHS , first call and will not fix leaking shut off valves and p traps, so what plumbing do they cover ? AHS is a Rip off, save money on home warranty in a evaporate bank account and use that for repairs, u will come out ahead!


Their customer service stinks, in fact ther IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! I called waited over an hour to speak to someone, first thing I was asked for was 75.00,, finally got someone to talk to about my ice maker.

They sent a service person out and that person spent 10 minutes and said it was my filter. After he left, I ordered 2 filters, when they came I installed them. 11 days later my ice maker still isn't working so I called again, waited over an hour, a person with very very broken English got on the phone and told me he would have to check my contract to see if I was eligible for a redo on the ice maker (11 days later). He told me I would have to get a refund for my first repair and he would put in a new order and I would have to pay another 75.00.

In frustration I did pay it, I have not received the refund to date, this has been going on since 6/21/2020.

I could not go online as my account is screwed up and when I tried to get the very very broken English person to fix it he couldn't understand what was wrong. This is very frustrating and I sure don't call this customer service.


The $10 per pound freon limit has all of their customers in a sticky situation, whether they experienced problems with their freon yet or not. As costs or refrigerant started sharply rising years ago, AHS applied a $10 per pound coverage limit on al forms of refrigerant, in order to offset the rising costs.

What they also noticed was that because of the freon limit, the customer is now faced with the dilemma of when to replace their HVAC equipment, rather than it being up to the home warranty company. The contractors will gladly keep patching leaks as long as they are getting paid for the freon by the customers. AHS doesn’t even get billed the $10 per pound, FYI. It falls under the average cost per call the contractor is getting paid from AHS, which is extremely low, so they can keep getting more calls from AHS.

So the customer is paying to prolong the life of their own equipment and the contractor is able to collect some money from the customer, and keep getting new calls from AHS because they keep AHS’ costs down. The best advice for you is to replace all the HVAC equipment you have, which is what the government and the industry would advise, and cancel the home warranty. Let the last go, and look out for yourself in the future. New equipment is only expected to last 10 years now, and by then, industry changes and new regulations will likely result in another system replacement by the time the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Don’t add further costs and frustrations to the mix by fooling with a home warranty. They have their own best interests in mind, not the customer’s.


Thank you for your comment. The A/C units are only 5 years old and this problem has been going on for the last 4 years which all have been with AHS.

(House was bought new and we have been in it for 5 years) I had to pay myself for a leak test to uncover twice the coils in both units are leaking. They are Lennox units and they have had known issues with them.

Since posting AHS has been communicating with me and looks like they are going to get them fixed correctly fingers crossed. I will update with any new news Thanks

@edward t

Did you know that the contractor AHS sends out will have to do the work under a fixed, flat amount—the same as any other service call, and that they can’t charge AHS for the parts, the labor, or the refrigerant? Well, they can send AHS the bill for any amount they want, but it won’t get paid, and they won’t get any more service calls from AHS.

The only way to get more calls is to do the work for free and pay for any and all parts. If one customer gets a bunch, the next 50 customers can’t get anything at all. As an AHS customer, you may not care who is paying for it, as long as you don’t have to. It greatly affects the service, the timeframe, and the quality of the work.

Compare what a retail service contractor would charge (the local Lennox dealer for example) to do this repair, and what the timeframe would be, vs how this AHS job turns out.

Then please update as to how it turns out. Just because AHS is getting them fixed, doesn’t mean they are paying for it.


Wow- I had no idea of that. That of course is not what they or the vendor are saying.

The vendor is saying they have to get AHS to approve the cost of the replacement coils? I am learning so much going through this.

I think going forward I will just take the yearly cost of the warranty plus the deductible and put it in my own account to pay for anything that breaks down verses a home warranty. Thanks for all the information you have given- Much appreciated


If there is still time left under the manufacturer’s warranty (Lennox) it might be worth getting the evap coils replaced on both systems. Refrigerant is usually not covered by any manufacturer’s warranty.

The parts warranty period is usually either 5 years or 10 years, depending on whether it was installed by a licensed dealer and registered when purchased, among other factors. That would be the last avenue to check before scrapping both systems and buying 2 new systems. It’s definitely a bad idea to let AHS tinker with them. Leakers are notoriously problematic, and the next problem you might face is compressor failures on one or both systems, which would necessitate draining and refilling the freon yet again at your expense.

Good luck! Would love to further assist you in getting these systems taken care of.


I agree, I have been a customer of AHS for over 20 years, lots of money down the drain compared to what they actually fixed. I will never have a home policy again. If you just take your monthly payments and put them in a separate account you can pay for the items yourself when they break down and get who you want.

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