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My wife and I went on vacation to come back to a leaking water heater. We contacted American home sheild on monday Of whom we have been a customer for 15+ years to schedule an appointment 24 hrs later still no call from a contractor.

We called the contractor that was listed on the email from American home sheild and no answer and no way to leave a message. We called American home sheild on Wednesday and explained we have a 3 year old and have had no hot water for 3 days now and could they please find out when someone is going to come out the representative from American home sheild tried to call the contractor and they did not answer the representative then explained they would put in another work order to a new contractor and they would have 24 hr to contact us for an appointment. It is now Friday 5 days with no hot water. The contractor finally showed up to say that the water heater needed to be replaced and he would call american home sheild to get auth.

To replace the water heater. The contractor then came back and said American home shield needed to talk with us. The representative claime we would need to pay $880.00 to cover the non covered items that need to be done to replace the water heater. I asked them to email me why it was $880.00 on top of the cost of the water heater.

And if we didnt want to pay that they would do a cash out offer. It is now sunday no hot water with a 3 year old. After paying for this service for over 15 years. With no explanation of why the cost is $880.00 over the cost of the water heater.

My old water heater was up to code with a drip pan, new gas line, new hot and cold lines, shut off valve works fine. And no email from American home sheild with why the extra cost. I priced a hot water heater the same as i had and it is $1000.00 so they are claiming that to replace a water heater is $1880.00 so before you buy this policy due the math.

I PAID $600.00 A year for over 15 years never a claim so $9000.00 in premium and they want me to pay $880.00 to replace a water heater.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Water Heater Warranty.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Store Location: Corona, California

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They are the worst! We are in a similar situation with a/c. Thinking about going after them...so angry

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